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Emanuele Ponzo


Emanuele Ponzo is married to wife, Olga and they have a son named William. Emanuele was born in Italy on May 9th, 1983. Since this day, he has lived a life that most can only dream of. At the prime age of 33, Emanuele has achieved success as an athlete, an attorney and an entrepreneur. It hasn’t always been easy, though.

Emanuele was abruptly sidelined from athletics by a back injury, and without missing a beat he promptly entered law school and graduated in short time. While he was studying he was running several companies from legal service to real estate and hospitality industry. Always one step ahead, nothing deters Ponzo. He attributes his unstoppable drive and ability to undergo such dramatic career shifts to his hard charging days as a professional soccer player, and the legal acrobatics he performed in challenging courtrooms.

While those experiences would be satisfactory for most, Emanuele pushed on and steadily built an impressive entrepreneurial track record beyond his law practice. With a variety of successful European ventures in the real estate, Legal service and hospitality fields, the restless and ambitious Ponzo continued to branch out and break into new territory.

After arriving in the United States, Ponzo sought to further expand his resume. He ingeniously conceived a catering and meal delivery program service. It is a singular firm that offers luxuriously indulgent menus, created by Michelin star chef Cristina Bowerman and it’s balanced by an emphasis on healthy ingredients and nutritional value.

Emanuele’s many successful ventures come from the desire to give back. He began his most important and inspiring endeavor, volunteering, back when he was only 11 years old. Emanuele and his mother began spending time at Onlus Loic, where he played and taught soccer to kids suffering from autism.

Emanuele continued to volunteer for Onlus Sergio Maiorano where he helped people with many different disabilities. He assisted with the cooking, the cleaning, and the caring for those in need. More recently, Emanuel became aware of the Marafiki primary school while visiting Africa and has done whatever he could to help the school succeed.


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