Stefano Fiorito

CEO La Maison du Savon de Marseille

With a strong background in international business development, Stefano have demonstrated winning strategies in marketing campaigns, sales territory domination, and he have a proven aptitude for being a highly effective business and sales leader in any environment. Here are a few of Stefano's career highlights and the expertise:

✔Developed for a French Company the Italian territory from scratch to a 10+ employee company in three years—on target to exceed $3M by end of 2016
✔Revitalizing the market strategies of a slow moving product line for Sony, boosting sales by close to 30% and onboarding megastore retail giants across Europe

▸ Expanding Sales Territories and Client-Base
▸ Growing Business in Start-Ups & Corporations
▸ Exploiting Market Data that Become Market Share
▸ Exceeding Quotas While Leading Sales Team
▸ Negotiating Win-Win Contract Deals with Retailers
▸ Penetrating Market with Campaign Strategies that Work
▸ Branding and Re-Branding Product Lines that Produce
▸ Building Strong Long-Term Relationships with Clients
▸ Maintaining Account Profitability with Account Rounding


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