Noble A. Drakoln


Noble A. Drakoln over the years has been involved in multiple tech startups as a consultant, investor and director in both Web 1.0 and 2.0 and is an ardent believer in Web 3.0 and the power that 5g has to enter us into a new level of interconnectivity.

Mr. Drakoln’s experiences cover both the finance side and the tech world. Operating both a brokerage firm and a hedge fund over a 25+ year career, as well as being a sought after expert in the media and authoring several books on trading in the markets, he is well versed on capital raising and deploying it.

Few know that In the early days of the conversion from paging to full digital cellular networks, from TDMA to CDMA, Mr. Drakoln successfully ran a venture that made mergers and acquisitions in the 900mHz, 150mHz, and 450mHz spectrum’s.