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Later Stage Startup Program

Business Coaching Program in Los Angeles

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$1,000,000 in credits for our members!

Here are some of the partners and their offers:

  • Business Law Mentorship
  • No-code development platform
  • Cloud Service Providers
  • Tech Services
  • Customer Support
  • CRM and Metrics Tracking
  • Investment and Grants Tools
  • Productivity Tools
  • Growth Hacking Tools
  • Digital Marketing Tools
  • Marketing Automation Tools
  • Stock photos/videos providers
  • Travel, Immigration / Visa

Some examples:

$120,000 (up to) in credits for IBM Cloud services
$50,000 in credits for Segment (analytics) + other partners
$20,000 transaction-free with Stripe (Sales) + Atlas (corp.)
$5,000 in AWS Cloud Services Credits
$5,000 SendGrid (Email API + Marketing Campaigns)
$2,500 in Twilio credits (SMS, Voice, WhatsApp)

Deals for M Accelerator Community Members

"M Accelerator program is really good for Global Entrepreneurs"

Shuta Shibuya - CEO, Fuller, Forbes 30 under 30
Fuller is #1 in Japan and South Korea for data analytics, cross-app, behavioral and trend data analysis.

$1,000,000 in credits for our members!

Here are some of the partners and their offers:

  • Business Law Mentorship
  • No-code development platform
  • Cloud Service Providers
  • Tech Services
  • Customer Support
  • CRM and Metrics Tracking
  • Investment and Grants Tools
  • Productivity Tools
  • Growth Hacking Tools
  • Digital Marketing Tools
  • Marketing Automation Tools
  • Stock photos/videos providers
  • Travel, Immigration / Visa

Some examples:

$120,000 (up to) in credits for IBM Cloud services
$50,000 in credits for Segment (analytics) + other partners
$20,000 transaction-free with Stripe (Sales) + Atlas (corp.)
$5,000 in AWS Cloud Services Credits
$5,000 SendGrid (Email API + Marketing Campaigns)
$2,500 in Twilio credits (SMS, Voice, WhatsApp)

Deals for M Accelerator Community Members


M-ACCELERATOR offers you the best of the best when it comes to mentorship.

We have put together a group of proven, highly sought-after consultants and startup growth hacking experts who you will have direct access to throughout the program. In this way, we guarantee that this startup accelerator will be innovative and insightful and teach you the valuable leadership, startup management and communication skills you need for rapid growth.

Our Coaches include:

Professional Scott C. Hindell, business consultant and lead instructor at M-ACCELERATOR, who has over 30 years of experience in planning and teaching entrepreneurship courses at the University of California.

Our pitch coach Lizzy Wallace has worked at Shark Tank with Marc Cuban and Chris Sacca. She is the founder of “PitchPolish” a consulting practice focused on helping people improve their public speaking and communication skills.

Over the last 25 years Alessandro Marianantoni has researched, launched, bootstrapped numerous projects in many fields, raising vast public and private funds. He’s the founder of M Accelerator and MEDIARS LLC (mediars.la)

Mediars (our organization) has over a decade of experience in multi-faceted startup training projects that has resulted in a highly effective, hands-on learning curriculum for all attendees. You will learn how to overcome all of the biggest challenges and obstacles that prevent startup founders from reaching the next level.


Acquire the mindset you need to accelerate your startup’s growth.


Mentorship is a key to your startup’s development and a must – learn from some of the most proven mentors around.


M-ACCELERATOR has helped many of entrepreneurs to achieve incredible results with their startups.


With a premier location in downtown LA, there are other startups and networking opportunities everywhere.

Who is this Program For?

This Growth Startup Program is not for everyone. We are looking for participants with a solid startups, at the growth stage, who need coaching on practical and proven ways to grow their business.

This program is for CEOs, founders, CMO that already have:

  • We evaluate Market Fit and revenue
  • The company has 7-10 members.
  • Name / Logo / Business Registered
  • Market Opportunity
  • Significant Validation/Traction.

If your startup doesn't meet the requirements you may apply for the Early Stage Startup Program. Give a look at our Virtual Accelerator Program.

Melissa Kariuki, testimonial at M Accelerator

Melissa Kariuki

Founder at Whip Music Africa
Product Manager at Google
MA Startup 2019
After this startup program, I have a lot more clarity in which direction we should take, which tools we can use, and how we can go about it. -- Distributing your value proposition in a way that is economical. That was something new for me. So often, we tend to design solutions that outcompete your competitors in all aspects instead of focusing on the factor that has the most impact.
Expanding in the US market for us isn't just localization. It is a second startup stage. M Accelerator Startup program is really good for Global Entrepreneurs.
Shuta Shibuya testimonial, US go to market

Shuta Shibuya

Founder at Fuller
Forbes 30u30
MA Startup2019
I entered the startup program as a Biologist and I became a startup founder. Now I deal with business and innovation in a Pharmaceutical company.
Andrea Ianneo, Testimonial M Accelerator

Andrea Ianneo

Marketing Manager at Novartis
MA Entrepreneurship 2017
Abi Hannah CEO at Fertility Circle

Abi Hannah

CEO at Fertility Circle
Raised $800k
MA Startup 2021
Just wanted to say a big thanks again from all of us at the FC team. We've been blown away by the level of support during the MA Startup Program. Your method, style, and advice are really wonderful - thanks for doing what you do! We're super excited to be partnering with you as we move forward with this next phase :)
Ellen Deng, Founder, Vinofy

Ellen Deng

Founder at Vinofy
MA Startup2019
M Accelerator is a great starting point for anyone who is considering taking the leap to start a company. It provides mentorship, support from the community, and networking opportunities. And the support doesn't stop when the startup program ends. They are always there to support the founders through their journey.
Jemal Meredova co-founder at Pinchef

Jemal Meredova

Co-Founder at PinChef
US Incorporation
MA Startup 2021
M Accelerator has helped a lot in making a pitch deck from scratch by helping show the problem from various angles. Sessions vary from different topics such as marketing, presentation, speech which syncs into the pitch creation. In addition, one-on-one sessions help to ask any questions or help you need. Thank you.
Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey

CEO at FanView
MA Startup2021
This has been a wonderful course, I really got an amazing value out of it. Now that went through the startup program it's really good to have still 4 months to revise everything in a very cohesive pitch before the pitch day.
Seonggon Kim Business Director at KLleon

Seonggon Kim

Business Director at KLleon
2 Innovation Awards at CES
MA Startup 2021
Your session was really really helpful for us, especially because we are preparing for CES we need to deploy these strategies. Thank you.
Guanhao Wu CEO at Exovolar

Guanhao Wu

CEO Exovolar
MA Startup 2021
I've learned so much from this startup program, and I had no idea. I knew that coming here, I would have learned a lot, but not so much!

Francesco Simeone

CEO at Tora Tora Travel
MA Startup 2018
During the startup program, I decided to put myself out there and share my ideas with more experienced people. Fast-forward today, I have a business with 12 employees.
$1,000,000 in Credits from our Partners

Value we provide

GROWTH, Not all businesses are designed to grow fast, but startups DO.

  • Investors/Funding: For startup typically looking for seed-stage funding. 
    • Effectively pitch to investors, with solid pitch deck and presentation.
  • Connections to Corporations and Business Partners
  • Team-Building: As the startup develops, part-time/contractors may not work, because need people that are committed for the long-term. Developers, marketers, finance experts, etc.
  • How to venture deal legalities (for, how to structure their equity/incorporate. Startups don’t want to have to pay tons of money for lawyers. 
  • Access to our Partners >>Partners' page<<
  • Traction/Sales/Business Development: Whatever the startups are producing, they need help going to market and building a sales pipeline. They don't have a good business if they make a good product but not an excellent way to sell it.
    • Solutions
    • Go to market/ Digital Marketing strategy
    • Customized program
  • Mentorship: Access to real, strong mentors-- entrepreneurs and consultants who have been through similar processes and are willing to meet monthly to sit down (or weekly during the program) and provide practical guidance.
  • Board of Advisors, using our network.

For International Participants

Scale-up in the U.S.?

Last but not least, are you an international participant who wants to attend the program? This program is catered to your needs and will guarantee that you can succeed, network, and obtain funding even if English is your second language. Learn all of the above and even more with special sessions and coaching to help you get up to speed with the startup economy in the U.S.

  • Do you want to pitch your idea or raise capital in the United States? Then, we’ll show you how.
  • Are you not feeling confident in your English quite yet? Then, there is a detailed business English program integrated.

You’re right where you need to be to take your business to the next level!

There is no question that L.A. is a top city for startups to achieve incredible exposure!

Guidance and Advice from World Class Experts

Our main coaches, instructors and mentors have been a part of many success stories across 6+ decades of combined experience in their fields.

Scott Hindell is the Lead instructor at M Accelerator, with over three decades of experience in entrepreneurship training at the University of California in Los Angeles and in many other settings. Professor Hindell has held many workshops in the United States and abroad including at several Chinese universities, TEDx-UCLA, and the California Restaurant Industry Conference. See Scott’s Full Bio

Professor Hindell will be training you directly during several of the workshops, where you’ll be able to rely on his extensive expertise in nearly every aspect of startup creation and growth. With an unrivaled ability to facilitate objectivity and recognize bias, he provides a refreshing and illuminating perspective on your startup idea and the ideas you will uncover.

Lizzy Wallace is a highly experienced pitch coach who has worked with the likes of Marc Cuban and Chris Sacca at ABC’s Shark Tank. She is an instructor at General Assembly and the founder of “PitchPolish” a consulting practice that helps startup founders communicate their unique story and business benefits to investors and other key stakeholders. See Lizzy’s Full Bio

Lizzy will be training you on how to effectively communicate your idea to potential investors during the pitch related workshops. You’ll get amazing guidance from someone who is unquestionably one of the world’s leading experts on pitching in the most competitive environments to help guarantee your chances of a successful pitch.

Alessandro Marianantoni has over 20 years of experience researching, launching and bootstrapping projects in many fields, raising both public and private funds. He’s the founder of M-ACCELERATOR and MEDIARS LLC (mediars.la). See Alessandro’s Full Bio.

Along with overseeing and organizing the program, Alessandro will also be participating in several of the workshops as an instructor, helping you learn the power of creative thinking as an approach to your business among other hard and soft skills. Alessandro will work with you directly throughout the entire workshop to ensure your personal growth and that it turns out to be a truly transformative experience.


Our mentors have worked in several verticals from entertainment to finance, and with specific technologies like VR, Augmented Reality AR, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, software design and development, industry 4.0, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Furthermore you will attend advanced workshops on digital marketing and growth hacking.


Other areas of expertise include automation, food tech, and solutions likes: SaaS, and PaaS. Our mentors have been involved in every aspect of startup development including: marketing, strategy, innovation, management, HR, bootstrapping, investing, and growth hacking.

Admission Process

Only a limited number of companies will be accepted at each cohort

Custom programs for Growth Stage Startups, typically 8 weeks, and followup support.

Winter | Feb - Mar | 8-12 weeks
Spring | May - Jun | 8-12 weeks
Summer | August  | 4 weeks
Fall | Nov - Dec | 8-12 weeks


What is included:

  • Pitch opportunities / Investor Introductions
  • Partnership / Customer acquisition opportunities
  • up to 30hr group coaching, 2 weekly meetings
  • 1:1 coaching 
  • co-working space for 3 months
  • Enter our portfolio companies 
  • For ESL participants we can also offer is a custom Business English course,
  • Follow up and support on specific issues of your stage
  • $1,000,000 Deals through our partners.
  • Free legal advising from O'Melveny

Submit your application to be considered.

If you need to relocate to Los Angeles, our staff will help you with accommodation and trip. Our network also includes immigration lawyers and experts that will be able to support you.

Join Our Live Presentation

Learn More about our Investment Fund and how to join our portfolio.

Business Communication English (For ESL)

36 hours + pitch coaching

An option for our ESL participants.

  1. Language functions for discussions, presentations, and short monologues to learn about the dynamic delivery of ideas.
  2. Fluency in listening, reading, and speaking in English 3 specifically useful areas in the business context.
  3. Communication strategies & soft skills for building trust, presenting ideas, summarizing, participating in discussions, managing Q&A, etc., to establish credibility and clarity in communication.
  4. Cross-cultural elements of the American business and social culture to understand how to target your communication to the audience.


Yes, share your struggles with us; we’ve been there!

We can help you no matter which stage your project is in because we have 3 different tracks: students/early stage and growth stage customized for you. We tailor our training to focus on the many steps that happen before the development of your first Minimum Viable Product (MPV). In general we work with startups in several different stages and cover the following and more:

  • Business strategy design, bootstrapping, growth hacking,
  • Business strategy validation and MVP design approach
  • New market discovery -- such as the case of a startup in a second phase of international expansion.
  • Go To Market Strategy and Growth
  • Digital Marketing Automation optimized for your business

As long as you’re looking to improve and implement your strategy, our program is a good fit.

Beside digital marketing solutions for your bootstrap and growth, we can also provide guidance on technology solutions. MEDIARS LLC has vast experience in designing and developing proprietary and customized technology solutions.

Yes! This program is tailored for international participants.

The fact that you are away from home, out of your comfort zone, will encourage you to see the world a little differently, be inspired and think outside the box. We include a 36-hour English Business Workshop just for you to hone your crucial English communication skills, along with all of the other workshops.

If that’s the case congratulations!
can help you grow it even faster and also help you find opportunities for investor funding if that is something you are seeking. If you have noticed that you aren’t reaching your revenue goals as quickly or need to do a bit more to prepare for an investor pitch, this program is exactly what you need.

RSVP to our Founders meeting and join the Q&A session.

Yes, we do! We can assist you with every step of finding comfortable and reasonably priced accommodations near our studio loft with convenient transportation access to each event. Feel free to apply today and we will meet with you to discuss this and the other logistics of your stay.

We understand that if you prefer to keep your equities, our programs have a tuition fees structure. Send your request, and we'll make an offer.
Only companies in our MA Venture Fund are quested to sign an equity agreement.

RSVP to our Founders Meeting and join the Q&A session to learn more about our approach.

If you prefer a quick training program to address some aspects of your business, perhaps a tuition fee is the best.

If you're looking for a partner that will work with you along several stages, we'll offer our equity agreement.

Our team has more than a decade of experience in the organization of international exchange programs. Many of our students come to the United States for the first time. Before your departure, you will have the opportunity to attend a series of meetings and webinars to prepare you for your American experience. We will also send you our Guidelines for Departure. We strive to help make your experience as worthwhile and enjoyable as possible.

If you are at the idea stage, it's clear that you take the "Ideation Track." Learn More about our 1-year membership with the Founders Cohort.

Even if you are simply at the stage where you have an idea, we can help you validate it and translate it into a real business strategy and plan. If you decide it’s not the right idea for you after meeting with our experts, we will work with you and help you find a great alternative business idea that you can build from scratch using this program and our “Design Thinking” method as a launching pad.

Join our Founders Meeting. We address all of these questions.

Los Angeles is home to more than 2300 startups.

Thanks to the technology convergence created in the entertainment industry, Los Angeles is the most creative city of the United States.

These are the key benefits Los Angeles offers:

  1. LA Managers with extensive experience in entertainment, especially in the audiovisual field.
  2. Engineers and scientists who are highly-qualified graduates of local universities, which are always at the top of world rankings.
  3. The cost of living is lower compared to that in the Bay Area and The Silicon Valley.
  4. A growing ecosystem of accelerators, incubators, and angel investors defines the LA business landscape.

All these elements make Los Angeles the most interesting environment for innovative startups.

Our course aims to leverage these favorable conditions by offering revolutionary business training to young creatives internationally. Many of our participants select LA as their no.1 choice to embark on an accelerator program due to the incredible opportunities for growth.

Apply to our Early Stage Startup Program. Some participants in our Student track don’t need to have a business idea prior to arriving in LA. As long as you’re willing to work hard and develop an idea throughout the course. Especially those taking our program with no entrepreneurial experiences should create a team. If this is your case, we'll work with you before the program and find the best match to assemble a team to complete the program successfully.

Submit your application, and demonstrate your motivation. You could be eligible for M Accelerator.

We need to know a bit from you, your stage, and your business goals. Based on that, we'll create a customized program. Here are several possible outcomes:

  1. A structured business plan to be presented to Investors/Partners
  2. Understanding of investors’ expectations and requirements
  3. An effective pitch for investors
  4. Knowledge of building and managing digital marketing campaigns
  5. For ESL: Improved English language skills and business English
  6. Extension of your business network.
  7. Pitch Opportunities

RSVP to our Founders meeting and join the Q&A session.

If you only seek venture capital, this program may not be the best match.
We do much more than just connecting you with VC opportunities. We want to help both you and your business grow through mentorship, coaching lessons, and assistance with your strategic thinking.

Learn more about our approach and join our Founders Meeting.

Although this program will put you in touch with venture capital pitch opportunities and help you make connections there, we focus on helping you transition into an effective leader and refining your business into something much more scalable.

If you are ready for funding and would like to apply to our fundraising platform, learn more about our new tool to access accredited investors through Regulation D

If your company isn't ready for it, check with us our 1-week Pitch Clinic program: info@maccelerator.la


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