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Deals for M Accelerator Community Members

$1,000,000 of deals for our members!

M Accelerator's Partners

We select partners with great value to our members. 

Here below are some of the partners and their offers:

  • Business Law Mentorship
  • Free web3 Domains
  • No-code development platform
  • Cloud Service Providers
  • Tech Services
  • Customer Support
  • CRM and Metrics Tracking
  • Investment and Grants Tools
  • Productivity Tools
  • Growth Hacking Tools
  • Digital Marketing Tools
  • Marketing Automation Tools
  • Stock photos/videos providers
  • Travel, Immigration / Visa.


Some of the numbers:

$120,000 (up to) in credits for IBM Cloud services
$100,000 (up to) in AWS Cloud Services Credits
$50,000 in credits for Segment (analytics) + other partners
$20,000 transaction-free with Stripe (Sales) + Atlas (corp.)
$10,000 Shotstack (Video Development Platform)
$5,000 Digital Ocean Cloud
$4,000 Freshworks (CRM + suite)
$2,000 with Airtable
$1,000 with Notion
12 months Free automation with Make (Integromat)
Free web domains + Grants with Unstoppable Domains

Are you looking for a specific deal? Every month we add new partners. Contact us

Unstoppable Domains

Building decentralized digital identities for the world.

  • Removes the need to create (and remember) new usernames and passwords for dapps
  • You can carry your username across different parts of web3 and metaverses
  • Users are now 100% in control of their online identity for the first time! (unlike traditional login / single sign-on solutions like FB login or Google Login) 
  • Users have full control over permissioning what data is shared with apps
  • Users can attach an avatar to their profile/login which will appear on apps that support this feature (can be a regular picture or NFT avatar).

3,300 Grants, $37B: The most comprehensive database of public and private grant funding in the United States.

Equity-Free Money!

At M Accelerator we partnered with OpenGrants.
Open Grants is a grant search engine and expert marketplace with the most complete database of public and private grant funding in the United States. You can save and track the grants that matter to you, connect with an expert grant writer to start your application, and use pay-as-you-go financing to manage the cost of applying for a grant.


M Accelerator Partners with Segment to help Data-driven founders build better companies.

We've got this message in the email:

My name is Ilya, I'm one of the co-founders of Segment. I'm happy to say Alessandro and I just created a partnership that gives all early stage M Accelerator companies access to Segment's Startup Program for free. We know that data driven founders build better companies, and we're here to help you become more data driven.

If your company is <2 years since founding and raised <$5M, you are eligible for Segment's Startup Program, which provides you:

  • $50,000 of free Segment credit per year.
  • $1,000,000+ of partner deals – e.g., Mixpanel, Amplitude, FullStory. 
  • An invite to my Analytics for Startups office hours.

Segment makes analytics easy for startups. Instrument your web & mobile app with a beautiful analytics API, and integrate 250+ tools (like Google Analytics, Amplitude, Customer.io, Redshift, ..) with the flip of a switch.

We recommend founders gain skills in the Startup Stack:

  • Web analytics tool for understanding acquisition channels (Google Analytics)
  • Product analytics tool for quantifying product market fit (Amplitude or Mixpanel)
  • Data warehouse for democratizing data access (Redshift or BigQuery)
  • Session recording for improving product usability (Fullstory)
  • Email marketing tools for automating email campaigns (Customer.io)

This stack normally costs thousands of dollars a month, but companies in the Segment Startup Program get these tools for free for the first year.

About Segment

Segment is an analytics platform used by 20,000+ companies to collect data from their web & mobile apps and integrate 250+ analytics & growth tools. Integrating with best-in-class tools is as easy as flipping a switch.

Bubble.io credits for M Accelerator community members

Bubble is offering $200 in credits for the first 3 months for M Accelerator community members


Bubble.io saves you time and energy.
Create a fully-functional data-driven web application live in a fraction of the time necessary to code it from scratch using Bubble! 

Design and build fully-customizable applications and workflows ranging from simple prototypes to complex marketplaces, SaaS products, and so much more! Save your coding resources to build specialized algorithms/features and connect them as plugins, or build and iterate your ideas/products within a matter of minutes without writing any code at all!

Brex offer for M Accelerator companies

M Accelerator Partners with Brex to help founders set up their business account.

Brex makes it easy to get your complete Startup business account set up the right way, with credit cards, cash management, expenses, and accounting in one place. Open an account online in 10 minutes, and get an account number, routing number, and credit cards instantly upon approval, with no personal guarantee.

Brex doesn’t charge fees to send checks, ACH, or wires—even internationally—and you earn up to 8x in cashback on your Brex card. With your credit, cash, and controls in one place, Brex is your financial OS.

M Accelerator companies get:

  • a $250 sign-up bonus,
  • expedited onboarding,
  • minimum cash balance requirements,
  • $5k AWS Credits (in addition to the other provided by M Accelerator)
  • Up to $300 via in-platform rewards.
  • Brex Cash (bank account replacement tool) there is no minimum required to open. There are also no fees, contracts, or interest associated with it and it comes with free wires and ACH payments, even internationally.
Freshworks for Startups

Supercharge your startup with a fresh approach to customer engagement

Freshworks is one of the fastest-growing unicorns backed by Google Capital, Accel, Sequoia, Tiger Global with $400M funding, valued at $3.5Bn+.
They're a leading maker of the cloud-based customer and employee engagement software based in San Mateo, California.
Trusted by 250,000+ businesses across 150 countries, companies such as Honda, Cisco, Netflix, Zoom, Klarna, Get Your Guide, and TeamViewer use Freshworks.
M Accelerator portfolio companies get $4000 in credits on the Freshworks suite of products! Boost your startup journey with leading customer and employee engagement solutions from Freshworks including CRM, LiveChat, Support, Marketing automation, Project Management, and HRMS.
  • Access up to $4000 in credits across eight products (i.e. $500 per product) at any time within one year of account activation
  • Priority access to Freshworks startup program including, events, resources, workshops, and much more

Stripe Simplifies Payments for M Accelerator companies.

Stripe simplifies payments for startups. Whether you’re creating a software subscription service, an on-demand marketplace or an e-commerce store, Stripe’s payments platform helps you build and scale your business online.

As a member of the M Accelerator cohorts, Stripe is offering you:

  • $20,000 fee-free processing (applies to Stripe users who have yet to receive free processing credits. Twelve-month expiration)
  • Atlas incorporation for $250 (normally $500)
  • Early access to new product features and exclusive Stripe events Priority-level service

About Stripe

Scale faster by building your business on Stripe's payment processing platform.

Digital Ocean Logo, on M Accelerator partners page

Hatch Startup Program by Digital Ocean

M Accelerator members are eligible to apply to Hatch and its benefits including:

  • Access up-to $1,000 worth of DigitalOcean's cloud for 12 months
  • Technical training and mentorship
  • Priority support through DigitalOcean's Customer Success teams
  • An opportunity to connect with the global Hatch community through a dedicated slack channel
  • Marketing help and promotions through DigitalOcean's social channels, newsletters and events.
  • Invites to exclusive networking events.

We make it simple to launch in the cloud and scale up as you grow – with an intuitive control panel, predictable pricing, team accounts, and more.

IBM Cloud Logo on M Accelerator Website

Startup With IBM and accelerate your business

Get up to $120K in IBM Cloud credits to access services like AI, blockchain, and data science to build leading-edge solutions at scale, and then sell your solution to IBM’s global network or customers, partners, and developers.

Get up to $120,000 in IBM Cloud credits to integrate your solutions with leading-edge technologies to deliver more innovation and value to your clients
- Add AI functionality to your startup simply through Watson API's
- Launch on both Bare Metal and Virtual servers
- Utilize GPUs, CPUs, Bandwidth, Storage, and More
- Use the IBM Blockchain to simplify the developmental, governmental, and operational aspects of creating a blockchain solution
- Store your data with Cloud Object Storage

O’Melveny Joins Forces with M Accelerator, Offering Exclusive Legal Guidance to the L.A. Incubator’s Innovative Startups

As part of this unique sponsorship agreement, O’Melveny lawyers will provide legal and commercial guidance to the wide array of early-stage companies that participate in the M Accelerator program and who qualify for legal representation by the firm.

O’Melveny lawyers will offer regular on-site office hours at M Accelerator and join in development events geared toward helping M Accelerator’s roster of innovative startups achieve their business goals.

About O’Melveny

It’s more than what you do: it’s how you do it. Across sectors and borders, in boardrooms and courtrooms, we measure our success by yours. And in our interactions, we commit to making your O’Melveny experience as satisfying as the outcomes we help you achieve.

Our greatest accomplishment is ensuring that you never have to choose between premier lawyering and exceptional service. So, tell us. What do you want to achieve? For the answers, please visit www.omm.com

HubSpot - Inbound Marketing, Sales and Service Software

We’re excited to partner with HubSpot for Startups to offer their program designed specifically to help startups grow and scale better, and faster - at a startup-friendly cost! What is the HubSpot for Startups program

Content, masterclasses, and 24/7 support to get your startup growing. From board deck templates to quick tips on customer acquisition, this content is made just for you. Plus, you’ll have access to world-class support from HubSpot experts and a startup-friendly onboarding experience.

Access to HubSpot Growth Platform, a full suite of software for marketing, sales, and customer service, with a completely free CRM at its core at a startup-friendly price, to help you grow and scale better. The software grows as you do, so you have access to in-person product training, too. All of this is up to 90% off.
Access to over 500+ software integrations, many at startup-friendly pricing, as well as the opportunity to build an integration on the HubSpot platform.
Who is eligible?
Any startup that is a current participant or alumni of M Accelerator and meets certain funding criteria is eligible for this exclusive program! See below for more details:
If you are...
  • A startup with under $2 million in funding You are eligible for up to 90% off HubSpot software in your first year, 50% off in your second, and 25% off ongoing.
  • A startup who has raised over $2 million in named funding up to and including Series A You are eligible for up to 50% off in your first year, and 25% off ongoing.

About HubSpot

HubSpot offers a complete CRM platform with all the tools and integrations you need to grow better — whether you want to increase leads, accelerate sales, streamline customer service, or build a powerful website. They’re powerful alone, but even better when used together.

Amazon Web Services

M Accelerator's participants are eligible for:

  • up to $100,000 in AWS Promotional Credit valid for 1 year 2 years!
  • 2 months of AWS Business Support
  • 80 credits for self-paced labs

About AWS

AWS Activate for Startups Amazon Web Services provides startups with the low cost, easy to use infrastructure needed to scale and grow. With the AWS Activate program, startups get access to the resources they need to quickly get started on AWS – including credits, training, and support.

Yay Images - Royalty Free Images, Vectors, and Graphics

M Accelerator's participants are eligible for supercharging their marketing and branding with over 12 Million Royalty-Free Images, Vectors, and Graphics with a special offer form YAY Images

  • 3 months free on any monthly stock image plan
  • or 50% discount

About Yay Images

Choose from a beautiful hand-picked collecting featuring over 12 Million High-Quality Royalty-Free images, vectors, and graphics from 11K+ talented photographers to conquer all your business' web, print, design, and marketing needs.

YAY Images


M Accelerator's startups can received $2,000 Airtable credit (plus an Airtable swag kit).

Some limitations:

  • One credit redemption per company.
  • Cannot be included with the same deal from another investor or accelerator partner.

NOTE: existing Airtable customers are also eligible!

About Airtable

Airtable combines the flexibility of a spreadsheet with the power of database. Entrepreneurs use Airtable to build MVPs, fill in the gaps between other tools, and develop custom workflows to manage processes like product launches, user research, content marketing, even fundraising outreach.

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