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Online Accelerator Program

A Remote Program Beyond the Screen

Live Sessions with our Coaches

An hybrid accelerator and incubator program, to actually create traction and identify an effective strategy for your startup.

Work with our process on Business, Marketing, Pitching, Growth Hacking and Financials to boost your startup.

Develop and Validate your Business, Generate Traction and Pitch to Investors in 8 weeks.

M Accelerator refocuses to help founders remotely.

This is not the usual online program

A Multimodal Approach for Online Empowering Experiences

Despite the urgency of adapting to the current situation, for us it didn't happen overnight!

We started designing and developing virtual and online training programs since 1999, and we leveraged all our experience in creating this virtual accelerator program. 


Generate Traction for your Startup

Validate Online your Startup Business

A Business is effective only if it has a valid execution. During the online startup program we will provide all the tools you need to identify, design and run tests (experiments). Everything you need to collect results to validate your startup.  

Hands-on Virtual Accelerator program.

Join an international Network

An Opportunity to Unlock Your Creativity

We Believe in our participants.

These are challenging difficult times for yourself (and ourself). Don't wait, use these weeks you have now to move to a transition mindset. 

Ready for the Next Step?

Sessions Start Sept 28th

The 8 weeks Intensive Training program:

  • 60 hours live training including Q&A
  • Online Resources
  • Projects/Tasks assignments and review
  • Individual feedback
  • Coaches are available on Slack
  • Office hours with selected mentors.
  • Introduction to investors and possible partners for qualifying startups.
  • A list of perks with deals up to $1,000,000 for your startup project.
  • This program includes Growth Strategy to generate traction.
  • Final Pitch in Live Streaming

Example of our deals:

$50,000 in credits for Segment (analytics) + 
$25,000 in AWS Credits
$20,000 transaction free with Stripe
$2,000 with Airtable


$1,000,000 of partners' deals for our Participants! learn more

Online Live SessionsSCHEDULE

We expect participants to attend 7.5 hour weekly session and work on the assignements each week.

Live Sessions on

Business Design/Development
Growth Marketing/Hacking
Pitch Coach
Specific schedule to be defined

Q&A Sessions

Participants engage with coaches during regular live sessions and more specific Q&A sessions, Also we use our Slack Group for community interactions
and Individual Feedback on tasks assigned by our coaches.
This remote program allows you to enter our alumni community.


Comprehensive Workshops, Live Sessions, Asynchronous Q&A, One-on-One Meetings, Online Startup Events and a Pitch Event.


Selected Investors and Venture Capital firms from Los Angeles meet our participants in different settings: workshops, lectures, and Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions. Learn how to pitch and understand the many aspects involved in investing in startups from veteran investors. This is also the best way to extend your professional network.

Mentors from LA and around the world from a variety of fields will share their personal experiences, failures, and successes. They will discuss the start of their business and views on innovation.

These sessions run throughout the accelerator program with the goal of guiding the participants from their starting point to a pitch deck.

Some topics: Problem Statement, Alternatives, Buyer Utility Diagram, market analysis, identify and define the unique selling advantage, revenue model, Pitch Deck.

It’s essential to be able to present your idea in an effective way to gain interest and for it to become a reality. These sessions are conducted with Lizzy Wallace, a world-leading expert in pitching and business communication.

To influence others and change their mind, you have to show them a world of possibilities. This workshop helps you craft your compelling startup story which is integral to convincing key stakeholders and even refining your own purpose.

This fundamental workshop has been refined and used over the years to improve both projects and the teaching of workshops which date back to 2009.
It has toured many conferences and international events. The workshop mapping experience, when correctly carried out, perfectly illustrates all the different modalities the customer interacts with the business we are designing.
During the workshop, participants will devise an ‘experience map’ for their project. Through doing this, they discover the key moments for the user which enables them to figure out even more winning solutions for the client.
The overall goal of this workshop is to have the students to connect the dots, consolidating all the strategies, technology, market and processes into a powerful map.
The map is a way of communicating with members internal and external to the core team and it is an amazing tool when it comes to designing and implementing a more effective customer experience.
These sessions combine practical workshops with current case studies.
It includes workshops on Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing Automations, Search Strategies, Keywords search, and many other tools and aspects of digital marketing to creatively implement low-cost plans to help the participants with validating and designing effective strategies for their business concepts.
These workshops hours allow our participants to get real insights about the market and customers their project focuses on.
The overall objective of this module is to transform the strategies into an actionable plan to generate traction for the startups.
The course relies on constant interaction between participants and the coach in order to brainstorm what the most common mistakes are and the best strategies to find a good partner in the field of design who can best serve your needs.
The culmination of the program is a pitch day event where you will present your business in front of our mentors, entrepreneurs, investors, and your peers. You’ve worked hard leading up to the pitch day event and now it’s time to shine and show how your startup evolved.
This is not the finish line, though. The work with investors starts here. When you arrive at the pitch day you'll have gained a different mindset and awareness on the process and the specifics of your business. If you follow our guidelines you will be ready to pitch to many investors.

This series of meetings allows you to use and implement several tools and automation strategies for your specific goal.

Learn all of the tools needed to launch an effective marketing campaign that is the implementation of a solid strategy. Learn how to leverage social media for a successful ad campaign.

Specific workshops on Facebook Ads platform: Create Test Ads: Video Ads & Conversion Ads, Custom Conversions, Carousel Ads, Data Analysis & Remarketing, Copywriting, Facebook Ad creation & testing, Determining Lead Magnet & Creation of Landing Pages, Using Facebook to support your funnel, Facebook ad results, Discuss when to make changes & how to make changes. What happens if it doesn't work? How to pivot.


Live Sessions, Feedback and Followups

C. Scott Hindell

Scott Hindell is Principal of Hindell Consulting where he specializes in human-centered business model design. His key role is to facilitate, for business and industry, the process of generating, developing and articulating innovative value strategies.

Recognized as a value innovation specialist, Scott has performed workshops, spoken at conferences and to groups in the United States and abroad, with participants from more than 80 countries. Notable examples of these include: Workshops - 25 CEOs and business leaders from the Chinese Productivity Center; and students and professors from several Chinese universities. Conferences - TEDx-UCLA; and California Restaurant Industry Conference. Groups – Ahmedabad Management Association, American Chamber of Commerce Japan; American Institute of Graphic Artists; and American Marketing Association.

Scott has over 30 years of teaching experience, and currently teaches a variety of disciplines for UCLA Extension (since 2001). He also leads the M Accelerator program for entrepreneurs and startups. Prior, he taught 10 years at Los Angeles Community College. The majority of his programs fall under the disciplines of business, management, entrepreneurship, design and global sustainability.

One of only a few selected instructors, Scott is a Master Teacher in UCLA Extension's Instructor Development Program (since 2005). His key role is facilitator of Instructor Orientations and the Instructor Round Table provided to over 2,000 instructors. He has also led other core workshops for the award winning program. Scott is the recipient of the 2018/19 UCLA Extension Distinguished Instructor Award.

Prior, Scott was a portfolio manager for 17 years. As a NASD Principal and Registered Investment Advisor he owned and operated his own firm for the last ten years of that period. Here he managed large equity and fixed income portfolios with a proprietary trading method he developed, which outperformed the S&P 500 9 out of 10 years with a lower beta. He also advised and managed venture capital investments and mergers during this period.

It is Scott’s deep understanding of multiple disciplines and relentless curiosity combined with his unique ability to recognize bias and facilitate objectivity that has distinguished his success in all of his efforts.

Lizzy Wallace

Lizzy Wallace provides private training sessions and group workshops using the fundamentals of improv, scripted theatre, and media training.

Lizzy was the delivery pitch coach for Dreamforce's first startup pitch competition, Dreampitch, which included notable judges Mark Cuban and Chris Sacca and continues to mentor for their ongoing worldwide pitch events. She has provided training for major projects for The Republic of Poland, The Chilean Goverment, National IT Promotion Agency of Korea, and has designed the first improv communication program for the Creative Language Center in Switzerland which debuted in the fall of 2016.

Lizzy has independently consulted with many companies including: Microsoft, The Grammys, Netflix, Redbull, T-Mobile, LA Metro, CAA, Estée Lauder, Electronic Arts, Zynga, Capcom, Laundry Locker, and AIESEC.

Lizzy has been featured on CNBC, Refinery29, and has provided spokesperson and hosting talent for VidSF, NBC, Verizon Wireless, Nissan, SF Weekly, IM Magazine, ArtWorkSF, Swagg, AirBnB, and others.

Alessandro Marianantoni

Alessandro Marianantoni is Exec. Director and Founder at M Accelerator and MEDIARS LLC in Los Angeles, offering programs to serve the Los Angeles Startup ecosystem providing students, early stage and later stage founders with skills to grow their startups.

He has designed and developed projects in different spaces: entertainment, engineering, architecture and healthcare, receiving public and private funding from a number of organizations including: UCLA, Google, Siemens, Marriott, Universal Studios, Disney, Amazon, Italian Government and the City of Pasadena.

Alessandro earned a degree in Computer Science from the University of L’Aquila, with a thesis on perceptual interfaces at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies and Integrated Media System Center.

Over the years he has run numerous international programs including summer bootcamps and international research initiatives at UCLA and he is now directing M Accelerator and MEDIARS LLC.

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