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How to Tell Brand Stories in Video

The Power of Storytelling

Digital Video Production for Brand Communication

Summer Session Malta 2023

Limited Availability

International Program, we work with participants from 30 countries.

How to Tell Brand Stories in Video

The MEDIARS Video Storytelling course develops the skills and a method for communicating a brand's value through video production.

A multi-disciplinary approach combining business, marketing, writing, and filmmaking.

MEDIARS' Digital Video Storytelling course provides the knowledge and methods necessary to ideate and produce professional digital video projects.

Through a hands-on approach, you will learn how to research and write branded content, as well as the production and editing phases of digital production.

The aim is to effectively communicate the value of a brand through digital video, while also considering the artistic aspect.

By the end of the course, you will have the skills and mindset to create digital video stories that reflect the value of a brand.

Learn how to produce professional video content for brands

Portfolio Project

Boost your portfolio

The course allows you to develop audiovisual production skills within the themes related to Malta: Tourism and Sustainability.

Students in this course will develop skills and learn a method for communicating the value of a place and a brand through all stages of creating a digital audiovisual product.

This is not your typical theoretical course.

Learn through practice how to communicate the value of a brand with the production of digital videos like those made by Alessia Rotondo for Armani.

MEDIARS: 20 years of projects.

  • UCLA Film School
  • Worlds of Color - Disney California Adventure
  • Universal Studios Japan

    Christmas Show

  • Google, UCLA

    Voices from the Colosseum. Mentors: Marc Abraham, Dante Spinotti, Pietro Scalia, Betsy Heimann.

  • Italian Art in L.A.

    Audio/video guide for mobile devices with Getty Museum

La nostra esperienza sui corsi e progetti all'intersezione fra storytelling e nuovi media con partner internazionali.

MEDIARS is a multimodal design studio that creates meaningful and engaging experiences worldwide, often creating and deploying cutting-edge technology.
Our work appears on screens, architecture, themed destinations, and stages.

We have created solutions and partnerships around the globe for/with/at: Google, EXPO 2015, Italian Government, Universal Studios, Dell, Disney Resorts, and Siemens, including museum institutions like Getty Museum, Getty Villa, LACMA, Norton Simon Museum, Hammer Museum, Royal Academy of Arts in London, Palazzo Ducale in Genova.

Pietro Scalia
Film Editor
2 Premi Oscar

As a film editor and storyteller surrounded by a world of changing technology, I was particularly interested in this project as to how the perception and experience of a physical, historical place rich in history can connect the viewer dramatically to enrich and change the experience from other established conventions. Combining new tools and having young filmmakers explore various disciplines through social media is an original step toward our ever-expanding world of social interaction."

"As I was invited to have a part in the mentorship and to have a meeting with the students, the mentors, and the group that eventually photographed and completed the original idea, my response was positive and enthusiastic mainly because of the use of storytelling with moving images of a film, or more films, for the purpose for which they have been conceived, was presenting some challenging language choices and ways of visualization. The Internet has expanded the utilization of the product of my profession, cinematography, but at the same time pushes for research in how to better utilize the potential of filmmaking if it is directed to that kind of audience, who will enjoy the message in a very specific situation.

Dante Spinotti
American Society of Cinematographers
Lifetime Achievement Award

Join our student production in Malta

Only 20 seat max


corso startup e digital marketing con alcuni dei ragazzi vincitori del bando torno subito

Over the past 5 years, we have worked with over 350 participants from 30 countries, 15 institutional partners, various languages, cultures, and accents!

We have worked with many bright young individuals who have received prestigious recognition such as Forbes 30 Under 30, CES Innovation Awards, and other awards from the United Nations. Others include Olympic champions, nationally recognized influencers, and young founders of companies ranging from one to hundreds of employees.

From the outset, we knew who we wanted to work with.
We collaborate with teams and students driven by big ideas, young enthusiasts who are eager to learn something new.
Our students, like us, are creative individuals who are willing to venture outside of their comfort zone and explore uncertainty.
Our participants, including entrepreneurs and creatives, have launched careers, businesses, and professions.

Our point of view

MEDIARS believes in inclusion, multiculturalism, entrepreneurship, commitment, and growth through experiences.

If you're considering embarking on a growth journey, if you feel it's time to challenge yourself and expand your limits, this is the course for you.

Our advanced training program is not for everyone. We will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and see things from a different perspective.

MEDIARS enhances employment opportunities by bridging the gap between education and the job market and entrepreneurship.

The course guides participants in the validation of their collective and individual start-up projects, even after the program, to create enterprises or work independently.

For other participants, the program provides the necessary skills and mindset to have a competitive edge in the innovation industry.

Our participants have exciting jobs at companies that promote innovation, such as Salesforce, IBM, Google, Facebook, Unilever, Novartis, and many others.

In today's increasingly globalized world, many choose to live, work, and study abroad (even if it's for a few months).

This trend appears to be a good thing: social science research shows that international experiences enhance creativity, reduce intergroup biases, and promote successful careers.

source: Harward Business Review

How Living Abroad Helps You Develop a Clearer Sense of Self


Summer Session


Summer Session: June 1-28




The program is conducted entirely in English. Therefore, we suggest having at least an intermediate level of English language knowledge.

All MEDIARS training activities, from internships, to courses, events, and coaching programs, are characterized by a learning-by-doing approach that immediately puts participants in a position to work on their professional projects.

The program is structured around workshops and lessons that will lead to the development of a portfolio project, in order to maximize the full-immersion training experience and develop the necessary skills to create effective and engaging video content for your brand or your clients, in particular:

  • the ability to plan and structure a story,
  • use video shooting and editing techniques,
  • choose the right tone and style for the brand
  • the main tools and platforms for video distribution.

Additionally, the course also includes a data analysis section to understand the impact of the video on brand perception and its marketing goals.

With over 10 years of experience in organizing international programs, for many of our participants it's their first time. A cultural orientation meeting is scheduled for the participants. We will also send you our Departure Guide.

The course takes place in Malta with coaches from M Accelerator in Los Angeles.

Digital tools and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are constantly evolving. The value of work, whether as a freelancer, consultant, or specialist within an agency, is evaluated based on the ability to keep up, improve, recognize client problems, and find smart solutions.

If we consider the distribution of the workforce, jobs based on skills (this category also includes the digital marketing expert) make up about 25% and are jobs that are often in high demand.

This type of work tends to become repetitive and, after a first phase, can be performed by operators with a lower-quality of skills. Just think of offshore agencies. In the coming years, given the evolution of Artificial Intelligence, these operators will have to readapt to new tasks.

We aim to train young people who aspire to a more creative job, which is difficult to be replaced by automatism or lower skills level workers. This workforce is referred to as "super-creatives."

The young people we target are the "super-creatives," meaning, all those who will work in strategy, and design, who will integrate skills with innovation, and who are able to identify problems and find solutions. This group of workers has typically a higher purchasing power salary.


This is a 4 weeks program with 100 hours.
Top instructors, filmmakers, and mentors currently working in the movie industry, including, documentary, and commercial productions. 
Networking events, Summer Events in Malta, final presentation.

Regular tuition Fees: $3,500 USD 
Submit your application with your reel, portfolio, and resume.
Scholarships are available.