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Alice TomassiniMarketing & Media, Forbes 30under30 Europe 2018
My experience in Los Angeles totally changed my life. It taught me the importance of teamwork, it opened up a world of storytelling possibilities for me, but most of all, it conveyed to me how important it is to know how to deal with an ever-changing reality! Thank you!

Influencer Masterclass

Transform Your Passion Into a Business

Unlock your full potential and transform your passion into a innovative business.

M-ACCELERATOR in Los Angeles develops young talented entrepreneurs and prepares them for remarkable career growth in the third largest and fastest growing tech ecosystem in the United States.  

The M-ACCELERATOR program was launched by Mediars in 2016 and is the result of over 10 years of tremendous success and experience in developing international courses for skilled young creatives.

M-ACCELERATOR will be hosting an exciting, immersive 1-week Influencer Masterclass this Fall 2018 to help both new and established influencers take their career to the next level.

What makes this Masterclass truly unique is that by the end of it, you will have all the tools you need to unlock your full potential and transform your passion into a well-paying job.

We accomplish this by offering you a complete program that covers multiple important areas.

This Masterclass will fully equip you with all of the entrepreneurial and technical tools you need so that you can:


Your true passion and choose the right niche to target.


Incredible photos for IG that create traction.


Your target market and the unique value you bring.


Rapid growth hacking strategies for influencers.


Multiple accessible strategies for monetization.


A memorable and exciting social and cultural experience.


Your concept to our incredible mentors.


With some of the world’s leading influencers in LA.


About compliance, contracts and best practices.

This program is designed to be comprehensive no matter what your career experience is. From best practices with brands and agencies to learning how to develop a well-defined brand identity and profile, you’ll get the tools to succeed.

Learn everything you need to know about starting or boosting your influencer career from world-renowned experts:

Professor Scott Hindell is the lead instructor at M-ACCELERATOR and has over three decades of experience in designing and teaching entrepreneurship courses at the University of California-Los Angeles.


 Karim De Martino has had tremendous success working with renowned influencer Chiara Ferragni and leading brands such as Amazon, L’Oréal, Disney, Puma, Barilla, Unilever and P&G.

Mediars’ extensive experience in multi-disciplinary training projects has resulted in a highly effective, hands-on learning curriculum for our attendees. They will learn how to overcome the biggest and most common hurdles as they enter the business world.

A Plan for Unprecedented Growth

Get all the Tools and Knowledge You Need to Get a Top Paying Influencer Job in Just One Week!


Discover a new way of thinking that will help you spot new work opportunities.


Learn from the world’s top influencer mentors in-person and via email afterward.


Benefit from proven influencer training developed by experts over many years.


Network in one of the most creative, enthusiastic and innovative communities.


To add even more helpful insight to our program, we have also partnered with some of the most impactful thought leaders in the industry, including these brands and agencies:

A Creative Community Unlike Any Other

Made in L.A.

Project Your Influence!

Getting Creative in L.A.

Design & Develop your personal brand and profile identity

Throughout the program you will have the opportunity to develop your personal brand and profile identity including ideas for stories, posts and, most importantly, your strategy which will be pitched to our panel at the end of the program.  

With our hands-on training, you will learn how to create a head-turning attention-grabbing brand and receive top mentorship and guidance from our proven experts. 

You’re right where you need to be to take your career to the next level!

There is no question that L.A. is the top city for influencers to launch their careers

Pitch Day

Meet a panel of outstanding leaders

New career opportunities with world-leading brands and agencies for successful pitches.

The final event of the course is an exciting pitch day, during which your influencer strategy will be presented to our panel of mentors, brands, and agencies.

Pitch to a panel of distinguished experts, influencers and leaders in their markets including:

Felix LaHaye, Co-founder Open Influence, Forbes 30 under 30

Diana Marks, Digital Influencer, 25 TOP Influencer In L.A. 

Brad Gelfond, CEO, Strike up the Brand, Talent Agent, Talent Agent.

Our instructors in the Panel:

Scott Hindell, Karim De Martino, Stefano Mongardi, Alessandro Marianantoni.

Also, all attendees will receive a diploma upon completion of the program, certifying that they have successfully completed the M-ACCELERATOR Influencer Masterclass in Los Angeles – an amazing resume booster.

The Studio

The Masterclass takes place in the Studio Loft headquarters of Mediars, in the heart of LA’s vibrant and creative fashion district, the location of many top brands, startups, and coworking spaces.


Where Will You Stay?

 Don’t worry about this as we have you covered – we will offer you a variety of options on places to stay, 

Whether you are traveling as an individual, in a group, with other students, or with family. 


1 week + individual coaching

Before you head off to Los Angeles, we will send you a complete pre-arrival kit with detailed information about the program that will help you prepare for your stay.

This is our orientation session which is simply about welcoming our participants to the LA Community and providing them an overview of everything we will cover during the week. We answer any of your initial program- related questions, offer you a chance to meet some of our mentors and other attendees, and help you get settled and comfortable in Los Angeles.

During this lesson, we will provide a detailed overview of the entire program, the expectations of the professors and mentors in terms of your work, the evaluation system for your work, and an overview of the hours the space will be available. Any questions will continue to be answered and it will be another enjoyable networking opportunity.

The objective of this course is to provide our participants with a strong background in the dynamics that govern influencer marketing. It starts with a review of the history of influencer marketing from the origins (blogging) up until today (social media), including spending some time reflecting on the differences and characteristics of local versus international markets.

We will also provide an overview of the different players and personalities in the sector, from agencies, to platforms, media centers, and more, and how they play a role in the chain that connects influencers to the end client.

At the end, we will discuss the brand collaboration process and various practical steps: compensation negotiation skills and strategies, replying to a reach out, implementation, drawing up contracts, and reporting.

The student will have a detailed understanding of the commercial dynamics that govern influencer marketing by the end of this course.

They will also get a detailed overview of different perspectives of basic processes, which will enable them to meet agency and client expectations and accurately assess the value of their services.

Influencers have dynamic, outgoing personalities that are often easily stimulated by opportunities, which can make it challenging for them to decide on a clear direction. This extensive course will help participants take their initial idea and transform it into a well-defined influencer business profile and brand.

In turn, our influencers will also better understand who they are and who their audience is, what problems their business will solve, and with their solution is unique compared to the other options out there.

This course involves more of a detailed understanding of their business compared to just concepts, guiding participants long after they have completed the program

Some topics covered include: problem statement, market analysis, identifying and defining the unique selling advantage.

This lesson will involve acquainting attendees with all of the variety of financial, legal, bureaucratic, and ethical aspects that govern influencer marketing.

We start with the legal portion, examining some of the most common types of contracts that are related to different activities in influencer marketing, from event participation, to product posts, and the assignment of image rights.

We will then discuss tax liability and financial matters related to influencer work. The course also spends
an ample amount of time covering transparency and ethical rules, along with a detailed analysis of the FTC guidelines that govern a large part of the market. We will consider a detailed look at their application in Italy, as well as Italy’s specific rules and regulations (IAP Digital Chart).

We will offer precise instructions on how to successfully manage paid advertising campaigns, complimentary travel, barter agreements, and more. Finally, we analyze a series of case studies in different sectors, identify creative solutions, best practices, and potential problems that can occur when working with brands. All of this is to prepare our attendees to be able to face potential practical situations with the proper training and background.

Our studio offers one of the top locations in Los Angeles for Instagram photography. You will learn every aspect of successful, attention-grabbing and brand promoting IG photography, a key skill that will help you develop your influencer audience.

This half-day workshop covers several details including Natural Lighting, Composition and Styling, how to get the best photos from a smartphone camera, editing techniques, how to pick traffic driving hashtags, and building an Instagram gallery.

What is your Story?

This is a course covering effective Instagram stories advertising techniques from best-selling author Stefano Mongardi who has developed leading Instagram online courses.

The instructor will go into detail on some of the best strategies and techniques that result in engaging Instagram ads that help draw an audience from the over 400 million who view Instagram stories each day and promote their personal brand effectively.

During this course, influencers will have the chance to finally master the art of Instagram ads for their work and to accomplish the goals of their campaign. They will learn about hashtags, CTA, outbound links brand awareness, and will get a detailed overview of plenty of examples. Participants can also start testing some of their ideas and get direct helpful feedback from the instructor.

This intense course will focus on helping participants familiarize themselves with the tools they need to bootstrap their e-commerce platform. We will specifically look at some of the most effective solutions that can be used to develop our influencers’ digital products and create affiliations that support and boost sales.

Various models of marketing, monetization and distribution of digital content will be explored, with a consideration of the optimization between cost and reach. This course also showcases state-of-the-art successful digital brand strategies.

Participants learn effective techniques and methods to find, build and test audiences around online brands. They will also learn insightful collaboration and partnership strategies, distribution and digital marketing techniques, and a variety of innovative ways to monetize their brand.

Here, our participants will apply what they have learned. They work on turning their idea into a real business and deliverable results. Results are refined and adopted as participants progress through the program.

Along with idea creation, research and development, participants will also have the opportunity to present their project multiple times in ‘sprints’ (at various stages) to receive direct feedback from mentors and other hand- picked experts.

As one of the best photo op locations in Los Angeles, our studio will also be used so that our participants can start generating some photo content. Towards the end of this course, time will be dedicated for the final production.

The M-ACCELERATOR Masterclass culminates in an exciting pitch event. After this intense week, participants will finally have the opportunity to present their project to our panel of outstanding mentors.

Brands, experts and mentors will review each project and offer highly valuable feedback for our influencers to improve their business ideas and approach. The best projects will be rewarded with the opportunity to start a business relationship with one of our brand or agency partners.

Every participant receives a certificate of completion upon finishing the program – the perfect starting point
for launching a career in influencer marketing and valuable credential that will help our influencers establish business relationships in the future.

Admission Process

Only a limited number of participants will be accepted

It is an hands-on workshop that will take your career to the next level.

Submit your application to be selected. We look at past projects, motivations and attitude. 

Based on the number of the participants that will be selected, we will assign a small number of scholarships to the best applicants.

The fee only includes the tuition. We can provide convenient recommendations for  a medical/travel insurance if travelling internationally.

The tuition does not include accommodation, but we can provide support if requested.

Join the Influencer Masterclass In Los Angeles

Apply soon, only a limited number of participants will be accepted!


If you need to develop your follower base, improve your technical skills, discover, define and further engage with your target audience, if you want to learn effective strategies for transforming your passion into a business, improve and learn how to pitch to brands and agencies, this masterclass is for you.

Usually we receive applications from:

Beginners who have just started in the influencer realm, and don’t want to wait any longer and are eager to start building a strong brand. This Masterclass will provide you from the beginning with the tools to apply the best strategies and guide you step by step in building your business.

Established influencers who have difficulties on making it to the next level. Our program is made to stimulate a change and finally unlock all your potential in this arena. During our program you’ll have the opportunity to further discover, experiment and finally gain business and partnership strategies for your brand. Established influencers will also benefit from the pitch workshop and will improve their negotiation skills.

There isn’t such requirement on our selection process. Our priorities include: followers, engagement, focus on target, your idea if you’re submitting one, motivation and your resume/profile.

You’ll find all this and more in our program, from experts you’ll gain knowledge on how much to charge for specific services, including strategies and examples on how to negotiate a payment instead of a gift.

There are plenty of good ideas out there, but ideas alone don’t create successful businesses.  Only experienced entrepreneurs have the knowledge or the expertise to turn an idea into a business. When you make the decision to become an entrepreneur, first you need to ask yourself if your idea is competitive, if consumers can actually appreciate it, and how you can make it happen. Our program will teach you how to strategize and execute without losing touch with your key entrepreneur motivations, or lifestyle goals. We do this by helping you ascertain that your product or service, whatever it is—can satisfy consumer needs and the objectives of the business itself.

Our testimonials include those from tutors, who on a daily basis work with startups and investments, and know how to help you progress effectively in the midst of a fast-moving, chaotic system.

The participants in our program don’t need to have a business idea prior to arriving in LA. As long as you’re willing to prepare and develop an idea throughout the course, you could be eligible for M Accelerator.

Submit your application for regular enrollment and by Sept 30th you'll be notified. Receiving the scholarship it means that your tuition fee is zero.

The scholarship does not include:

  • travel/medical insurance, you'll be still required to purchase one. We can provide convenient recommendations.
  • airfare, accommodation or other transportations.

The scholarship only covers for the tuition fee.

Our team has more than a decade of experience in the organization of international exchange programs. Many of our students come to the United States for the first time. Before your departure, you will have the opportunity to attend a series of meetings and webminars to prepare you for your American experience. We will also send you our Guidelines for Departure. We strive to help make your experience as worthwhile and enjoyable as possible.

If you have questions you can send us an email at info@maccelerator.la

Just make sure our emails don't end up in the spam folder. To avoid this, in your email client add our email address as contact.