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Join the Founders Meeting, live session, and meet other founders on zoom.

Here is what you'll learn: ​ 

  • Our view and the main factors for Startup Founders.
  • Things to be aware of during a Fundraising Journey.
  • What is Strategic Persuasion, and how to use it in a Pitch Deck.
  • After going through 2,000 applications every year, we share Tips on creating and improving founders' Pitch Decks.
  • Startups we worked with.
  • M A programs, selection process, fee structures, and how to work with us.
  • Q&A Session with the founders on the call.

During the call, we describe our approach and how we have worked with 350+ entrepreneurs over the past 4 yrs, helping them bootstrap, increase revenue and raise more than $18M.

The main factors for Startups in today's economy