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Entrepreneurship Program in Los Angeles

Transform your Idea into a Business

Entrepreneurship + Digital Marketing Program in Los Angeles

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"M Accelerator program is really good for Global Entrepreneurs"

Shuta Shibuya - CEO, Fuller, Forbes 30 under 30

Fuller is #1 in Japan and South Korea for data analytics, cross-app, behavioral and trend data analysis.

M-Accelerator Startup + Digital Marketing Program

Join our community in Los Angeles

This program is organized in 2 phases:

4-week Business Innovation
Develop clarity about your Concept.

8-week Startup Program
Design and Develop your Startup Business. 

12 weeks (3 months) 3-4 weekly training sessions is the ideal amount of time to gain the key skills you need to take your startup to the next level.

Whether you are planning a big upcoming pitch to investors to secure your next stage of funding or are bootstrapping and want strategic advice on how to grow as quickly as possible, this accelerator will facilitate your progress unlike anything else.

We customize this program for your goals while you simultaneously participate in a proven comprehensive pre-set curriculum that we have developed from over a decade of founder training experience

Throughout these weeks, you will gain incredible, transformative experiences, skills and knowledge that will prepare you to present your startup to investors for a successful pitch (if that is your goal), enhance, revitalize, improve and refine your business idea for practical growth.

You will learn how to effectively communicate your vision to potential partners and investors who can also help your idea move forward. The program is filled with hands-on workshops throughout each weekly ‘sprint’, covering a variety of topics ranging from business communication, to investor pitching, leadership mindsets and more.

M ACCELERATOR’s Startup program in Los Angeles is a platform for the unprecedented growth of your project.

It’s perfect for who are looking for an expert-guided transition into the business world. It’s also perfect for experienced startup founders who have been in the game for a while and need an extra bit of inspiration, coaching and mentorship to achieve their top goals.

What sets our programs apart is a thriving, structured environment that guarantees learning and personal development.

Our hands on-workshops are taught by leading experts, along with individual coaching sessions, one-on-one meetings and a dedicated space to work on your project.

This program has a limited number of spots and will include both local participants from the United States as well as abroad. This accelerator takes place in the heart of downtown LA, a rapidly growing startup community -- the third largest and fastest growing tech ecosystem in the country.

You’ll be surrounded by constant business and networking opportunities, events, and other startups – the perfect environment to expand your contacts while your startup moves forward!

M-ACCELERATOR’s Startup Program also caters to international applicants. If English is your second language, we also offer a completely integrated business English program to help you properly communicate your business and marketing ideas during investor pitches or networking events in the United States or English-speaking countries.

This Unique Accelerator Program Provides You with All the Startup Leadership Skills You Need So You Can:


viable future plans for the real growth of your startup.


your main target market and other profitable markets.


to investors with proper preparation and in confidence.


your professional network to find new opportunities.


your business idea with the help of leading startup coaches.


your project with success and learn how to grow quickly.


your business idea to some of the world’s top coaches, mentors ans selected guests.


growth hacking tools to rapidly evolve your startup faster than ever.


the leadership mindset that you need for long-term business success.

Immersive Experience - A Note for International Participants

Like the majority of our participants, if you’re traveling to Los Angeles from abroad, we already know that you’ll have a unique social and cultural experience combined with all the other tangible training benefits that our program has to offer. We will also improve your business English and communication skills significantly with our 24-hour detailed workshop (for the 12 weeks program).

You’ll discover that Los Angeles is second to none in terms of networking; you’ll meet people from everywhere in the world. For many of our past participants these contacts were extremely valuable for their professional opportunities and at various stages in the future as their business grew.


M-ACCELERATOR offers you the best of the best when it comes to mentorship.

We have put together a group of proven, highly sought-after coaches, consultants and startup growth hacking experts who you will have direct access to throughout the program.

In this way, we guarantee that this startup accelerator will be innovative and insightful and teach you the valuable leadership, startup management and communication skills you need for rapid growth.

Coaches include:

Professional Scott C. Hindell, business consultant and lead instructor at M-ACCELERATOR, who has over 30 years of experience in planning and teaching entrepreneurship courses at the University of California.

Our pitch coach Lizzy Wallace has worked at Shark Tank with Marc Cuban and Chris Sacca. She is the founder of “PitchPolish” a consulting practice focused on helping people improve their public speaking and communication skills.

Over the last 25 years Alessandro Marianantoni has researched, launched, bootstrapped numerous projects in many fields, raising vast public and private funds. He’s the founder of M Accelerator and MEDIARS LLC (mediars.la)

Mediars (our organization) has over a decade of experience in multi-faceted startup training projects that has resulted in a highly effective, hands-on learning curriculum for all attendees. You will learn how to overcome all of the biggest challenges and obstacles that prevent startup founders from reaching the next level.


Learn the strategic thinking that you need to accelerate your startup’s growth beyond expectations


Mentorship is a key to your startup’s development and a must – learn from some of the most proven mentors around.


M-ACCELERATOR has helped many of our participants achieve incredible results with their startups.


With a premier location in downtown LA, there are other startups and networking opportunities everywhere.

Who is this Program For?

We are looking for participants with or without a viable business idea, in any stage, who need further validation and refinement of that idea, or coaching on practical and proven ways to validate their business concept.

If you’re looking for a simple certificate this is not the program for you.

It is for founders or managers who are looking to make an impact with a startup and become leaders in innovation.

We do not accept every applicant and are looking for participants who are highly motivated and who have truly unique ideas and passion, and are ready to do the required work.

We accept applications from startup founders, business managers, and international founders/managers.

Below are some of the key problems this program can assist with depending on your role.

For Founders

Whether you have zero business experience or are planning the next steps of your startup’s growth or funding, our 4 and 12-week startup program will help you with multiple goals:

  • What is you Value Proposition? Can you answer with a strong, compelling, and very interesting sentence? We can help with that.
  • Are you bootstrapping and need guidance on how to efficiently use your funds? You’ll get that here.
  • Need help with designing a more effective and concrete business and marketing strategy? You’ll get all the help you need.
  • 1-minute Pitch? We can definitely help with that. 
  • Need more confidence with pitching investors? A large portion of this program is dedicated to exactly that.
  • Are you validating your business idea and need to do more market research? We cover market research in detail.
  • Interested in exploring new markets for your existing business?
  • Is you Business Model refined? We can get you there.
  • Pitch Deck? Yes!

For Managers

For future or current managers in innovation and digital transformation who want to develop solid skills, learn innovative design tools and perhaps are considering launching a spin-off project, our startup accelerator also offers a useful opportunity.

  • Ready to surf companies through a huge way of Digital Transformation? 
  • Looking for entrepreneurial skills that are useful at any managerial level? You will acquire all the skills required in our program.
  • Are you looking for an exciting job at a startup? This is a safe way to enter the startup ecosystem and gain the tools to design innovative solutions.
  • Hoping to become a major contributor to a startup team, learning the ins and outs of what it takes to run one successfully?

  • Want to work your way quickly to higher level managerial and C-suite positions?

  • Need to develop experience for a job in Innovation? Do it all here.

For International Participants

Last but not least, are you an international participant?

This program is catered for your needs, will help you to extend your network and if you qualify obtain funding even if English is your second language. Learn all of the above and even more with special courses and training to help you get up to speed with the startup economy in the U.S.

  • Do you want to pitch your idea or raise capital in the United States? We’ll show you how.
  • Not feeling confident in your English quite yet? There is a detailed business English program integrated.
  • Do you want to network with other influential startup founders from abroad and in the U.S.?
  • Do you want to prepare yourself for job opportunities at top startups in the United States?
  • Want to get ahead of the competition in your country by attending one of the top startup training programs in the world? Get way ahead here.
  • Are you planning to move here? Join our program, the best way to be introduced in a new community.

Limited to 14-18 Participants Max

The program admits a limited cohort of 10 to 18 participants coming from different backgrounds and fields. It will feature parallel tracks that are customized to each participant’s project and goals – all culminating in a public pitch day event in front of our mentors and other startup experts.

We can help if you’re trying to make solid steps forward with your project, for example in order to be accepted by an incubator or getting ready for investors. We can assist with helping you obtain access to funds through our Venture Fund, our network and also other accelerator programs.

For international participants, our program will also help you increase your authority/expertise in your own country and provide more validation points to your investors back home. We can help with that.

If you’re only looking for investors or VC relationships, this program is probably not for you. We bring much more value to founders including improving their business idea or uncovering new strategies and ideas that will be discovered during the program. We value our relationships by working with you for the entire cohort and are not interested in quick deals.

If you are at a more advanced stage these programs may be for you: growth-stage startup program or Virtual Accelerator Program

Learn More in our FAQ

You’re right where you need to be to take your business idea and digital marketing skills to the next level!

There is no question that L.A. is a top city for startups to achieve incredible exposure!

Our Proven Method – Design Thinking

6 structured sprints

We believe that today’s accelerator programs need to help participants become designers [at large] and think differently.

In our view, a key element of becoming a designer is a practical capability to design solutions and systems for humans. With this in mind, our “Design Thinking” approach is key and a consistent theme throughout this program.

We use hands-on practices to delve into real-world challenges teaching you a systematic approach to problem-solving. Participants have the ability to experiment with their creativity in a safe, supportive yet challenging environment which encourages innovative “design- thinking” solutions.

The program is organized in workshops, coaching sessions, meeting one-to-one with mentors in our space and outside, visits, and a space for you to work at your project and become inspired with new “design-thinking” approaches to it. Many of our participants uncover totally new business opportunities with their startup through our approach and exciting new directions to pursue.

MEDIARS’ experience in multi-disciplinary projects has resulted in this unique multi-modal “design-thinking” approach to our training. This has enabled us to create a hands-on training model and a learning-by-doing curriculum that inspires true innovation and allows young founders to overcome many of the hurdles they face when entering the world of business.

We don’t have exams, but multiple presentations along the way facilitate this process along with the final pitch day. Participants present projects or startup pitches publicly to our community. All of our programs since 2006 have had a final public event with presentations.

The pitch day has several goals, the first one is to get feedback and loop it back into the growing process.

Secondly, understandably, some of the participants are interested in creating relationships with investors, partners, or other accelerators, incubators or VCs. We also assist with this but do not make it the sole focus of the pitch day event. In general, when there is value in these relationships, they will mostly be developed during the program, not at the end.

Learn by Doing

No theories, we create an environment for our participants to do the work.

The program is organized in 6 iterative sprints.

Each week we assign one or more tasks that help participants build their project, one element at a time. It isn’t a contest among participants; if you need to spend more time on a task, we will accommodate you as needed.

We want to take the pressure off and help you experiment with the tools we’re providing and embrace failure as a component of our stimulating growing process.

You don’t have to be concerned if it turns out that your idea needs a shift to be more viable or if you have a change of heart.

We’ve had many participants change their direction or project during the program because of better solutions to the problem they are solving, and that’s one of the main benefits of our “design thinking” approach!

One of our most successful alumni pivoted half way through the program!

Transforming Your Mindset for Success

Change How You Think for Unprecedented Results

This program is designed to help you discover a new way of thinking to see new useful ideas and opportunities for expansion within your current startup idea.

With our model, we stimulate participant thinking through the analysis of problems from the customer’s perspective, teaching you a systematic approach to problem-solving that will serve you well throughout each stage of your startup.

Launching a new startup project is exciting but also a lot riskier then working for a company. If you’re inspired and want to build your project, our approach will give you the tools to get comfortable in this uncertain environment.

During the program there will be a lot of ups and downs, like in real life. If you really commit to it, the program will push your boundaries and put you out of your comfort zone for an incredible personal transformation.

This is one of the only ways that real growth happens and that’s something to get excited about!

Exceptional Mentorship

Learn Directly from Experienced Startup Mentors

This Program Will Accelerate Your Business Network Too!

Coaching and mentorship isn’t just beneficial for startup founders, it’s a must! Our veteran startup mentors provide a service of incredible value, showing you the real strengths and flaws of your idea and helping you refine it into something much stronger, more valuable and viable in the business world!

"Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player.”
Bill Gates

“Does coaching work? Yes. Good coaches provide a truly important service. They tell you the truth when no one else will.”
Jack Welch, Former CEO of General Electric

At M-Accelerator Los Angeles, we deliver exceptional value through our careful choice of veteran mentorship — channeling you and supporting you to build the powerful engine that will drive your business idea forward.

Guidance and Advice from World Class Experts

Our main coaches, instructors and mentors have been a part of many success stories across 6+ decades of combined experience in their fields.

Learn the art of transforming a simple concept into a company to amazing growth from scratch, how to structure a business idea to be viable, how to communicate it to key stakeholders. With the guidance of world-renowned professionals such as:

Scott Hindell is the Lead instructor at M Accelerator, with over three decades of experience in entrepreneurship training at the University of California in Los Angeles and in many other settings. Professor Hindell has held many workshops in the United States and abroad including at several Chinese universities, TEDx-UCLA, and the California Restaurant Industry Conference. See Scott’s Full Bio

Professor Hindell will be training you directly during several of the workshops, where you’ll be able to rely on his extensive expertise in nearly every aspect of startup creation and growth. With an unrivaled ability to facilitate objectivity and recognize bias, he provides a refreshing and illuminating perspective on your startup idea and the ideas you will uncover.

Lizzy Wallace is a highly experienced pitch coach who has worked with the likes of Marc Cuban and Chris Sacca at ABC’s Shark Tank. She is an instructor at General Assembly and the founder of “PitchPolish” a consulting practice that helps startup founders communicate their unique story and business benefits to investors and other key stakeholders. See Lizzy’s Full Bio

Lizzy will be training you on how to effectively communicate your idea to potential investors during the pitch related workshops. You’ll get amazing guidance from someone who is unquestionably one of the world’s leading experts on pitching in the most competitive environments to help guarantee your chances of a successful pitch.

Alessandro Marianantoni has over 20 years of experience researching, launching and bootstrapping projects in many fields, raising both public and private funds. He’s the founder of M-ACCELERATOR and MEDIARS LLC (mediars.la). See Alessandro’s Full Bio.

Along with overseeing and organizing the program, Alessandro will also be participating in several of the workshops as an instructor, helping you learn the power of creative thinking as an approach to your business among other hard and soft skills. Alessandro will work with you directly throughout the entire workshop to ensure your personal growth and that it turns out to be a truly transformative experience.


Our mentors have worked in several verticals from entertainment to finance, and with specific technologies like VR, Augmented Reality AR, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, software design and development, industry 4.0, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Furthermore you will attend advanced workshops on digital marketing and growth hacking.


Other areas of expertise include fintech (including crypto and NFT), blockchain, automation, food tech, digital media, and solutions likes: SaaS, and PaaS. Our mentors have been involved in every aspect of startup development including marketing, strategy, innovation, management, HR, bootstrapping, investing, and growth hacking.

The main characteristic of our mentors is their total willingness to share their Skills, Knowledge, Expertise and their Networks and with M ACCELERATOR program participants.

We carefully choose mentors that demonstrate a positive attitude and take a personal interest in the mentoring relationship.

Our approach isn’t just to point to a solution to each problem, but we provide interactive guidance, personalized coaching so our participants receive constructive feedback.

To put it simply, you won’t find any startup accelerator mentors who are as dedicated, hard working and committed to your growth as we are. We put in the hours because we absolutely love what we do, and we love seeing our participants accomplish their dreams!

Where Will You Stay?

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure, we will help you find appropriate accommodations near our headquarters.

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling as an individual, with your family, or with a group – we will find a comfortable option.


Network in one of the most creative, enthusiastic and innovative communities in the world.

This Program Will Accelerate Your Business Network Too!

Networking with key parties that can be integral to your growth, and it happens in our space and right outside. Thanks to our partners, you will be able to take part in a series of startup events in Los Angeles.

These enable you to widen your professional network in an exciting and stimulating environment.

The new M-ACCELERATOR space is in the heart of booming Downtown LA, near the University of Southern California (USC), in the middle of the thriving Los Angeles startup community – the third largest tech ecosystem in the country!

There are literally hundreds of events happening with co-working spaces popping up and new startups being formed year-round. You’ll have prime access to get out there and meet others who are like-minded and who you can learn from to get even more inspired and motivated!


Comprehensive Workshops, Space for Your Project, One-on-One Meetings, Startup Events and a Pitch Event

Prior to heading out to Los Angeles, you will receive a comprehensive pre-arrival kit detailing all of the information you need to know about the program.

This is our orientation session which will introduce you to the LA Community and provide you with a detailed overview of what will be covered during the program.

This includes a detailed overview of the accelerator program, the evaluation system used during the pitch day event, and the expectations of the mentors.

Mentors from LA from a variety of fields will share their personal experiences, failures and successes. They will discuss the start of their business and views on innovation.

Selected Investors and Venture Capital firms from Los Angeles meet our participants in different settings: workshops, lectures and Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions. Learn how to pitch and understand the many aspects involved in investing into startups from veteran investors. This is also the best way to extend you professional network.

This course runs throughout the accelerator program
with the goal of guiding the participants from an idea to a detailed concept that provides a clear understanding of who it is for, what the problem and solution are, and why that solution is exceptionally useful compared to the current alternatives.

In the end, it is more of an understanding than just a concept, which will guide the participants far after they finish the program.

Some topics; Problem Statement, Alternatives, Buyer Utility Diagram, market analysis, identify and define the unique selling advantage, revenue model, Pitch Deck.

It’s essential to be able to present your idea in an effective way to gain interest and for it to become a reality. This course is taught by Lizzy Wallace, a world leading expert in pitching and business communication.

This workshop helps you make the tricky transition from startup concept to product development through exercises such as practical workshops and presentations.

This demanding workshop focuses on exploring the problem our students wish to solve and will feature a final presentation during an intense week of quick sketching sessions and hands-on exercises.

To influence others and change their mind, you have to show them a world of possibilities. This workshop helps you craft your compelling startup story which is integral to convincing key stakeholders and even refining your own purpose.

Learn how to see your project idea from a new right-brained perspective for further exploration and planning. This workshop teaches an innovative approach and prepares you for the problem statement.

The course combines practical workshops with the current case studies.

The workshops use Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing Automations, Search Strategies, Keywords search and many other tools and aspects of digital marketing to creatively implement low-cost plans to help the participants with validating and designing effective strategies for their business concepts.

These workshop hours allow our participants to get real insights about the market and customers their project focuses on.

Overall objective of this module is to transform the strategies into an actionable plan.

Some topics: Opening Workshops; Ideation; Brainstorming; Minimum Viable Product (MVP); Planning; Scheduling; User Personas for your MVP; How to write engaging content for Personas; Product Market Fit; Mockups and production strategies.

Some of the tools: Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Zapier, LinkedIn, other tools.

The course relies on constant interaction between students and the coach in order to brainstorm what the most common mistakes are and the best strategies to find a good partner in the field of design who can best serve your needs.

Create efficient and simple landing pages to test out your product or business idea. You’ll also learn how to create engagement with your website pages and the fundamentals of the WordPress CMS.

This fundamental workshop has been refined and used over the years to improve both projects and the teaching of workshops which date back to 2009.

It has toured many conferences and international events. The workshop mapping experience, when correctly carried out, perfectly illustrates all the different modalities the customer interacts with the business we are designing.

During the workshop, participants will devise an ‘experience map’ for their project. Through doing this, they discover the key moments for the user which enables them to figure out even more winning solutions for the client.

The overall goal of this workshop is to have the students to connect the dots, consolidating all the strategies, technology, market and processes into a powerful map.

The map is a way of communicating with members internal and external to the core team and it is an amazing tool when it comes to designing and implementing a more effective customer experience.

This workshop requires participants to define and quickly implement their customized sales funnel. This course involve a pretty intensive mentoring on the techniques and tools required to implement a funnel.

This series of meetings allows you to use and implement several tools and automation strategies for your specific goal.

Learn all of the tools needed to launch an effective marketing campaign that is the implementation of a solid strategy. Learn how to leverage social media for a successful ad campaign.

Specific workshops on Facebook Ads platform: Create Test Ads: Video Ads & Conversion Ads, Custom Conversions, Carousel Ads, Data Analysis & Remarketing, Copywriting, Facebook Ad creation & testing, Determining Lead Magnet & Creation of Landing Pages, Using Facebook to support your funnel, Facebook ad results, Discuss when to make changes & how to make changes. What happens if it doesn't work? How to pivot.

This is the equivalent of an ‘elevator pitch’ and is a masterclass in the art of being concise – a skill that will serve you well throughout your startup career and during investor pitches.

Words aren’t enough to maintain the interest of investors and clients. This course teaches participants how to create a visual strategy for their next project with exercises and case studies, with a particular emphasis on the web.

Participants will learn how to create a concise and effective pitch deck using PowerPoint – this course is run in parallel with Pitching for Successful Businesses which provides the information that will be translated into the pitch deck.

This detailed and intensive course will help participants identify their target market through interviews and surveys. It builds on the strategies that have been learned in other parts of the program such as identifying ‘buyer personas’ and the ‘problem statement.’

This workshop is about applying everything you have learned and turning your startup idea into a functional and real business idea. Participants have the chance to present their project multiple times and get feedback from mentors to refine it.

This course highlights all the basics of marketing spending and creating a budget that covers paid ads, events, branding, and product marketing – as it is relevant to your idea. Complex budgeting tables are covered.

The culmination of the program is a pitch day event where you will present your refined business idea in front of our mentors, entrepreneurs, investors and your peers. You’ve worked hard leading up to the pitch day event and now it’s time to shine and show how your idea evolved!

Business Communication English (For ESL)

24 hours + pitch coaching

As an option for our international participants, our English Business Workshop will focus on learning outcomes that cover the following areas:

  1. Language functions for discussions, presentations, and short monologues to learn about the dynamic delivery of ideas.
  2. Fluency in listening, reading, and speaking in English 3 areas that are specifically useful in the business context.
  3. Communication strategies & soft-skills for building trust, presenting ideas, summarizing, participating in discussions, managing Q&A, etc. to establish credibility and clarity in communication.
  4. Cross-cultural elements of the American business and social culture to understand how to target your communication to the audience.

This workshop also includes the following:

  • Pre-test - to understand the participant’s current general communication ability in English and to create a customized learning design.
  • Ongoing assessments and feedback - conducted in sprints throughout the program in connection with other tasks that the participants fulfill in the accelerator program.
  • Final assessment - to evaluate the application of skills learned during the course (can be integrated with the final projects)

Admission process

Only a limited number of participants will be accepted at each cohort

Hands-On Startup Training & Development, from 4 to 12 weeks of Workshops, Coaching, and Leadership Growth.

Winter | January - March 
Spring | April  - June
Summer | August  
Fall | October - December

Custom programs through our partners are available.


What is included in the Fee:

The 12 weeks program, $4,900 USD

The 4 weeks program, $3,600 USD

  • It is organized into modules
  • Project Revisions and presentations
  • co-working space for 4 or 12 weeks
  • Networking Events
  • $1,000,000 In deals from our Partners
  • Free legal advising from O'Melveny
  • Use of several digital marketing tools for your data-driven digital strategy and growth hacking.
  • For ESL participants we can offer a 24-hour Business English course with personalized feedback.

Read more about how our partners bring value to the program  >> accelerator's partners <<

This program has a fee.
Payment plans are accepted.
Scholarships are available.

Would you like to offer this program to your group? Check our partnership program we can offer Custom programs.

Join Our Live Presentation

Learn about our method, how to join our program and the investment fund


Yes, share your struggles with us; we’ve been there!

We can help you no matter which stage your project is in because this program is customized for you. We tailor our training to focus on the many steps that happen before the development of your first Minimum Viable Product (MPV). In general we work with startups in several different stages and cover the following and more:

  • Business strategy design, bootstrapping, growth hacking,
  • Business strategy validation and MVP design approach
  • New market discovery -- such as the case of a startup in a second phase of international expansion.

As long as you’re looking to improve your strategy, our program is a good fit.

Beside digital marketing solutions for your bootstrap, we can also provide guidance on technology solutions. MEDIARS LLC has vast experience in designing and developing proprietary and customized technology solutions.

Yes! This program is tailored for international participants.

The fact that you are away from home, out of your comfort zone, will encourage you to see the world a little differently, be inspired and think outside the box. We include a 36-hour English Business Workshop just for you to hone your crucial English communication skills, along with all of the other workshops.

If you are at the idea stage, it's clear that you take the "Ideation Track".

Even if you are simply at the stage where you have an idea, we can help you validate it and translate it into a real business strategy and plan. If after meeting with our experts you decide it’s not the right idea for you, we will work with you and help you find a great alternative business idea that you can build from scratch, using this program and our “Design Thinking” method as a launching pad.

If that’s the case congratulations!
can help you grow it even faster and also help you find opportunities for investor funding if that is something you are seeking. If you have noticed that you aren’t reaching your revenue goals as quickly or need to do a bit more to prepare for an investor pitch, this program is exactly what you need.

If you prefer an optimized program check out our Online 8 weeks Accelerator program.

Yes, we do! We can assist you with every step of finding comfortable and reasonably priced accommodations near our studio loft with convenient transportation access to each event. Feel free to apply today and we will meet with you to discuss this and the other logistics of your stay.

Our team has more than a decade of experience in the organization of international exchange programs. Many of our students come to the United States for the first time. Before your departure, you will have the opportunity to attend a series of meetings and webminars to prepare you for your American experience. We will also send you our Guidelines for Departure. We strive to help make your experience as worthwhile and enjoyable as possible.

Los Angeles is home to more than 2300 startups.

Thanks to the technology convergence created in the entertainment industry, Los Angeles is the most creative city of the United States.

These are the key benefits Los Angeles offers:

  1. LA Managers with extensive experience in entertainment, especially in the audiovisual field.
  2. Engineers and scientists who are highly-qualified graduates of local universities, which are always at the top of world rankings.
  3. The cost of living is lower compared to that in the Bay Area and The Silicon Valley.
  4. A growing ecosystem of accelerators, incubators, and angel investors defines the LA business landscape.

All these elements make Los Angeles the most interesting environment for innovative startups.

Our course aims to leverage these favorable conditions by offering revolutionary business training to young creatives internationally. Many of our participants select LA as their no.1 choice to embark on an accelerator program due to the incredible opportunities for growth.

There are plenty of good ideas out there, but ideas alone don’t create successful businesses.  Only experienced entrepreneurs have the knowledge or the expertise to turn an idea into a business. When you make the decision to become an entrepreneur, first you need to ask yourself if your idea is competitive, if consumers can actually appreciate it, and how you can make it happen. Our program will teach you how to strategize and execute without losing touch with your key entrepreneur motivations, or lifestyle goals. We do this by helping you ascertain that your product or service, whatever it is—can satisfy consumer needs and the objectives of the business itself.

Our testimonials include those from tutors, who on a daily basis work with startups and investments, and know how to help you progress effectively in the midst of a fast-moving, chaotic system.

This is part of the Ideation Track in the Entrepreneurship Program.

Some participants in our program don’t need to have a business idea prior to arriving in LA. As long as you’re willing to work hard and develop an idea throughout the course or join other teams. Especially the ones that are taking our program with no entrepreneurial experiences should create a team. If this is your case we'll work with you before the program and will find the best match to assemble a team to complete the program successfully.

Submit your application, demonstrate your motivation, you could be eligible for M Accelerator.

There are several outcomes:

  1. A structured business plan starting with an idea
  2. Understanding of investors’ expectations and requirements
  3. An effective pitch for investors
  4. Knowledge of building and managing a website with WordPress
  5. Awareness of how to implement effective marketing campaigns
  6. Improved English language skills and business English
  7. Social and cultural enrichment in an international environment
  8. Ability to stand out in a competitive, international environment

According to a Los Angeles based study, participation in an accelerator enhances the following aspects:

  1. The ability to get business funding
  2. The ability to become a great team player
  3. The ability to develop a network of professional contacts on and off the program
  4.  An entrepreneurial mindset
  • Business plans & business models
  • Financial planning & reports
  • Marketing & website management
  • Presentation & design concepts
  • Effective presentation techniques
  • Structuring an investor pitch

If you are ready or almost ready for venture capital, this program may not be for you. Check out our more optimized approach with the Online Accelerator Program. We can help to assess your stage during a call.

We do much more than connecting you with VC opportunities. We want to help both you and your business grow through mentorship, coaching lessons, and assistance with your strategic thinking. Although this program will put you in touch with venture capital pitch opportunities and help you make connections there, we are primarily focused on helping you transition into an effective leader and refining your business idea into something much more practical and viable.

A background in business is not essential! What is really required is your commitment and understanding that this is not easy program. It isn't for everyone. We offer a standard curriculum but also customize the experience for your particular needs. Are you just interested in becoming a startup founder but don’t have any experience at all? Apply to the program, if you show motivation to grow, we will set you on the right path with the absolute best mentorship you can find if you are accepted. What we want to see is passion and inspiration to make the world a better place!