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MA NoCode Bootcamp

Create apps and websites in a fraction of the time.

Build Your App,
Design the Future.

Build your MVP with this Bootcamp

4 Live Sessions bootcamp
1-year membership MA Network
non-member fee $175
14 participants max

Join and help grow a one-of-a-kind community with impactful companies,
outstanding mentors and coaches, and a
network of selected founders.

M Accelerator and Bubble have joined forces to offer you an excellent no-code bootcamp!

build with no-code

Rethink the Accelerator Model

Online Accelerator Program

Core Bubble features and functions

App-building techniques and frameworks

Practice through building an example app

1-year membership in the MAccelerator

You'll also Get

  • A beginner-oriented guide to Bubble’s core features and functions.
  • Experience building a working sample app alongside your instructor.
  • Personalized attention in small groups of M-Accelerator's members.
  • Access to an exclusive community with your Bootcamp instructor and peers.
  • Access to course materials and session recordings.

Session 1: Understanding web apps and navigating Bubble

Session 2: Structuring and using databases

Session 3: Working with data within and across pages

Session 4: Making your web app prettier

All sessions will also be recorded.

Live Sessions

June 13 - 16
10:00 - 12:00 PM Pacific Time

Jacob Gershkovich


In 2018 Jacob discovered Bubble with a simple Google search: "How to build an app without code". At the time, he was teaching English and was looking for ways to augment his lessons using tech. After building out his own full platform, and founding a successful teaching platform for ESL learners, he started looking for other ways to help the community.

Now, Jacob works for startups and business owners across the globe to help automate their work and bring their app ideas on Bubble.

Over the course of 4 sessions, you’ll work closely with your instructor to acquire fundamental Bubble skills, understand the conceptual structures of an app, and develop building techniques to help structure your first application.

The no-code Bootcamp will guide you through everything you need to start building on your own product.

Surround Yourself With Talented Founders and Professionals

When building a business, founders with different projects are solving similar problems. Our framework and community offer a practical method to go through these hurdles.

Every member here has unique insights and experience to offer, and that's something powerful!

Dvorah Graeser, Founder & CEO


“My Bootcamp laid the foundation for my understanding of app structure and operative flow. My instructor’s energy helped me to stay motivated, and the examples provided were directly applicable to my own app idea – so this Bootcamp was the perfect start!”

Melissa Kariuki, testimonial at M Accelerator

Melissa Kariuki

Founder at Whip Music Africa
Product Manager at Google
MA Startup 2019
After this startup program, I have a lot more clarity in which direction we should take, which tools we can use, and how we can go about it. -- Distributing your value proposition in a way that is economical. That was something new for me. So often, we tend to design solutions that outcompete your competitors in all aspects instead of focusing on the factor that has the most impact.
Expanding in the US market for us isn't just localization. It is a second startup stage. M Accelerator Startup program is really good for Global Entrepreneurs.
Shuta Shibuya testimonial, US go to market

Shuta Shibuya

Founder at Fuller
Forbes 30u30
MA Startup2019
I entered the startup program as a Biologist and I became a startup founder. Now I deal with business and innovation in a Pharmaceutical company.
Andrea Ianneo, Testimonial M Accelerator

Andrea Ianneo

Marketing Manager at Novartis
MA Entrepreneurship 2017
Abi Hannah CEO at Fertility Circle

Abi Hannah

CEO at Fertility Circle
Raised $800k
MA Startup 2021
Just wanted to say a big thanks again from all of us at the FC team. We've been blown away by the level of support during the MA Startup Program. Your method, style, and advice are really wonderful - thanks for doing what you do! We're super excited to be partnering with you as we move forward with this next phase :)
Ellen Deng, Founder, Vinofy

Ellen Deng

Founder at Vinofy
MA Startup2019
M Accelerator is a great starting point for anyone who is considering taking the leap to start a company. It provides mentorship, support from the community, and networking opportunities. And the support doesn't stop when the startup program ends. They are always there to support the founders through their journey.
Jemal Meredova co-founder at Pinchef

Jemal Meredova

Co-Founder at PinChef
US Incorporation
MA Startup 2021
M Accelerator has helped a lot in making a pitch deck from scratch by helping show the problem from various angles. Sessions vary from different topics such as marketing, presentation, speech which syncs into the pitch creation. In addition, one-on-one sessions help to ask any questions or help you need. Thank you.
Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey

CEO at FanView
MA Startup2021
This has been a wonderful course, I really got an amazing value out of it. Now that went through the startup program it's really good to have still 4 months to revise everything in a very cohesive pitch before the pitch day.
Seonggon Kim Business Director at KLleon

Seonggon Kim

Business Director at KLleon
2 Innovation Awards at CES
MA Startup 2021
Your session was really really helpful for us, especially because we are preparing for CES we need to deploy these strategies. Thank you.
Guanhao Wu CEO at Exovolar

Guanhao Wu

CEO Exovolar
MA Startup 2021
I've learned so much from this startup program, and I had no idea. I knew that coming here, I would have learned a lot, but not so much!

Francesco Simeone

CEO at Tora Tora Travel
MA Startup 2018
During the startup program, I decided to put myself out there and share my ideas with more experienced people. Fast-forward today, I have a business with 12 employees.
$1,000,000 in Credits from our Partners

Apply to MA NoCode Bootcamp

4 Live Sessions on Bubble.io + 1-Year membership and take the program multiple times

Experts Series

Weekly series of meetings with Experts that have done it!

  • Learn from Investors what they look for
  • Founders' journey to exits
  • Sessions from Tech to Legal

Active Network

Connect, Learn, and Move Ahead in a cohort and the network.

  • Follow-up sessions
  • Collaborations opportunities
  • Hackathons
  • Meet & Greet events

Video Archive

Join live or watch later in case you miss anything.

  • Seminars
  • Presentations
  • Masterclasses

From Top Industries: Financial Technology (Fintech), Entertainment, VR/AR, Marketing, Biotech, Wellness, FoodTech, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Educational Technology (Edtech), Healthcare Tech.

Experts Series

As a member of the MA Network, you can join weekly sessions with experts.

1-Year to move onto Your next Stage

A Framework for your Transition

Founders that have built, scaled, raised, Mentors that have done it. Investors looking for opportunities, and always supporting this group.

Our Community

$1,000,000 in credits for our members!

Here are some of the partners and their offers:

  • Business Law Mentorship
  • No-code development platform
  • Cloud Service Providers
  • Tech Services
  • Customer Support
  • CRM and Metrics Tracking
  • Investment and Grants Tools
  • Productivity Tools
  • Growth Hacking Tools
  • Digital Marketing Tools
  • Marketing Automation Tools
  • Stock photos/videos providers
  • Travel, Immigration / Visa

Some examples:

$120,000 (up to) in credits for IBM Cloud services
$50,000 in credits for Segment (analytics) + other partners
$20,000 transaction-free with Stripe (Sales) + Atlas (corp.)
$5,000 in AWS Cloud Services Credits
$5,000 SendGrid (Email API + Marketing Campaigns)
$2,500 in Twilio credits (SMS, Voice, WhatsApp)

Deals for M Accelerator Community Members

Who is this Bootcamp for?

We know who we want to work with.
Over the years, our approach brought the best results with passionate, creative, open-minded, and generous individuals ready to roll up their sleeves and work hard to improve themselves and their team members.

Faster Development

New Bubbler, teams that need a quick roadmap towards an MVP to start their own business.

How to Get Ready

You may have tried our interactive tutorials (they’re a great way to set the stage for this Bootcamp).

Towards the MVP

You want to lay a solid “Bubble 101” foundation before diving into your own app.

Submit the application

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After your application, our team receives a notification and starts reviewing the information submitted.


If selected you will be invited to confirm your seat.

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1-year membership + 4 Live Session $175 USD
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FAQ for MA NoCode Bootcamp

This program will help you gain skill using Bubble no-code platform.

If that’s the case congrats!
can help you grow it even faster with an optimized program check out our Online 8 weeks Startup Program.

MA NoCode Bootcamp includes 4 sessions and it gives you access to our platform for 1 year is priced at $175.

MA NoCode Bootcamp isn't a Startup Program, with this program we want to support founders that need a quick roadmap towards validation with a quick MVP, skipping a longer development phase.