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"M Accelerator program is really good for Global Entrepreneurs"

Shuta Shibuya - CEO, Fuller, Forbes 30 under 30
Fuller is #1 in Japan and South Korea for data analytics, cross-app, behavioral and trend data analysis.


Here we gathered some of the messages and updates received by our past participants.

"The U.S. has a really great entrepreneurial spirit. Entrepreneurship is encouraged, investors take more risks, they do not judge people from the age”.

Melissa Kariuki - Founder at Whip Music Africa,
Product Marketing Manager at Google.

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"The program taught me how to create projects and bring them to life. Now I’m working for one of the major pharmaceutical companies in the world”.

Andrea Ianneo - Customer Marketing Manager at Novartis.

Our participants’ stories

Here are a few testimonials from participants of past sessions.

A lot of the stories we’re collecting aren’t just about founders!

After the Startup Program, a lot of young people find other opportunities, or else they continue on with their studies. Others become involved in new projects, with the majority using their new marketing, business, and public speaking skills to stay one step ahead of the competition in the professional world.

PingTing Wei - founder

Our startup has 13 employees in Hang Zhou, China and 5 in Salt Lake City in the US, but we’re pushing to obtain new funding from two Chinese investors and one American to enable us to grow further.

PingTing Wei (form China), founder of Archifiction, told us that her internship with M Accelerator while she was still a student, helped her turn her idea into a business:

My goal was to superimpose virtual reality on the physical world without using visors or controllers. Working with M Accelerator allowed me to learn how to use TouchDesigner software for creating interactive installations, to test my skills as a support designer, and most of all, to learn various methods of doing business. Basically, Alessandro taught me how to launch a startup!

Archifiction has closed a round of $1.4M 

Davide De Carlo & Andrea Perosini

After taking the Startup Course at M Accelerator, the Verifyle team (Davide De Carlo and Andrea Perosini) is now back in Italy with a smart contract project on blockchain.

David and Andrea came to Los Angeles without any specific idea and without even having met each other!

The team, which at a later stage added Walter Rizzo as Financial Director, is about to launch its first fundraiser through an ICO with VeryFile. The website and the project were set up in Los Angeles last winter. In just a few weeks, during Davide and Andrea’s program, led by M Accelerator mentors, they laid the foundation for launching an ICO with a highly motivated group of investors. Follow them on their website: Veryfile.io

Davide De Carlo, who holds a master’s degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Milan, and Andrea Perosini, a graduate in Business Economics and Management from the Tuscia University in Viterbo, attended the Startup Course and the Digital Marketing Course, respectively, during the Winter 2018 session.

pitch day at M Accelerator

Danila De Amicis & Hillary Lanzi

Tecnoalleva is Hillary Lanzi and Danila De Amicis’ project to improve the genetic quality of livestock breeding and to optimize pharmacological treatment of animals.

Our service differs from others because it utilizes innovative equipment that allows us to avoid administering pharmaceuticals to animals under certain medical parameters. This has a positive impact on the animal’s well-being, on the environment, and, equally important, on the economic bottom line.

Hillary told us that after only three months in Los Angeles, she took her project to Rome’s Maccarese SpA, a subsidiary of the Benetton group specializing in breeding dairy cattle.

M Accelerator gave me the tools to tackle the marketing aspect of my project, advertising, and website management.

Hillary Lanzi, who holds a master’s in Agricultural and Forestry Technology from the Tuscia University and Danila De Amicis, with a master’s in Interpreting and Translation from the University of International Studies of Rome, participated in the Startup Program during the Winter 2018 session.

Alice Tomassini

Alice Tomassini included on Forbes’ annual list of “30 under 30,” managed to make the cut of the thirty most promising professionals of 2018.

After four months studying at the UCLA Storytelling and Entertainment program, which we initiated in 2012, Alice established herself as a documentary director in italy, recently producing a documentary on the relationship between the church and social media as well as a series of short documentaries on the social impact of technology.

My experience in Los Angeles totally changed my life. It taught me the importance of teamwork, it opened up a world of storytelling possibilities for me, but most of all, it conveyed to me how important it is to know how to deal with an ever-changing reality! Thank you!

Over the past few years, she’s also ventured on to the intersection of virtual reality and tactile sensory experiences.