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"M Accelerator program is really good for Global Entrepreneurs"

Shuta Shibuya - CEO, Fuller, Forbes 30 under 30

Fuller is #1 in Japan and South Korea for data analytics, cross-app, behavioral and trend data analysis.



M Accelerator — an innovative program in Los Angeles develops and boosts entrepreneurship. We have a dedicated workspace in LA, the third largest and fastest growing tech ecosystem in the US. Throughout this intensive program, you’ll visualize, explore, discover, and expand your potential as a startup founder.



We accept submissions for the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall Cohorts

M Accelerator offers a highly effective environment with interactive, hands-on learning by business experts and teachers from some of the top American universities.




Business Startup

Shape, test and structure your idea. Gain knowledge in each aspect of starting a new business.

  • From Idea to Business
  • Team Creation
  • Business and Marketing Plan
  • Financial Statements
  • Funding Strategies


Learn how to communicate effectively and market your project to investors

  • Technical Requirements
  • Successful Pitch for Investors
  • Visual Design
  • Pitch Deck

Marketing Skills & Tools

Get hands-on, practical experience implementing ideas, and developing & promoting your startup.

  • Wordpress Website
  • Landing Page
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Presentation Skills

Business English

Internationals ESL can improve American Business English language skills. Program 100% in English

  • Pre-arrival test
  • Pre-arrival Online Program
  • Conversation and Pronunciation
  • Writing
  • Vocabulary and Grammar
  • Business english


At M Accelerator Los Angeles, we deliver exceptional value through mentorship — channeling you to build the powerful engine that will drive your business idea forwards. A 12-week period of intense, focused attention accelerates learning to help you scale your new venture.

We follow a Multi-Modal Idea Design, experimental approach — thinking through problems from the customer’s perspective. This includes visualization, journey-mapping, brainstorming and concept development. We delve into real-world challenges teaching you a systematic approach to problem-solving. Participants have the ability to experiment in a safe, supportive environment which encourages innovative “design-thinking” solutions.


M Accelerator’s program focus involves a range of inventive projects that are changing our world. Industry 4.0: IoT — Cyber-Physical Systems — Computing Smart building Technologies: Control systems, Automation Arts — Entertainment — Culture — Media Production — Initial Coin Offering ICO — Blockchain — Digital Marketing Automation — Artificial Intelligence


With more than 2,300 startups in Los Angeles, it’s a thriving tech hub of entrepreneurs, founders, and seed investors. M Accelerator participants have incredible opportunities to grow their professional networks, forming key relationships throughout our program — absolutely one of its top benefits!


An effective method that create the environment to do the work our participants need.

Our experience comes public and private industry sectors spanning Technology, Arts, Communications, Finance, and Entertainment — supported by a strong professional network.

The overall goal of our program is to define and expand individual “hard skills” from your education and experience, and develop transversal skills (soft skills).

These are the skills that make a difference among individuals or teams with the same titles.  

The multi-modal approach involves different modes of learning; visual, audio, text, speech, and moving imagery (video). This fulfills a multitude of cognitive abilities to develop relational, communicative, organizational, problem-solving, and team-work skills.



We’ve a decade of hands-on experience presenting international programs for young creatives, helping them prepare for real-world business challenges. We believe in “learning by doing” and utilizing the design-thinking approach of innovation leaders. Our multidisciplinary learning curriculum offers the most value for building a business that can scale. We’re passionate about the innovative and entrepreneurial culture of Los Angeles — and we’re delighted to support new entrepreneurs embarking on an exciting, but unpredictable journey in the start-up world.


Alessandro Marianantoni

Exec. Dir

Hanad Musa

Associate Project Manager

Marta Pasquetti

Social Media Manager

Noble A. Drakoln



Join our meeting to learn more about our Venture Fund and Accelerator Program. 


Are you coming to Los Angeles?

 Don’t worry about this as we have you covered – we will offer you a variety of options on places to stay, 

Whether you are traveling as an individual, in a group, with other students, or with family. 


If you’re looking for the best accelerators in the U.S.,
M ACCELERATOR is an innovative and hands-on program.


Yes, share your struggles with us; we’ve been there!

We can help you no matter which stage your project is in because this program is customized for you. We tailor our training to focus on the many steps that happen before the development of your first Minimum Viable Product (MPV). In general we work with startups in several different stages and cover the following and more:

  • Business strategy design, bootstrapping, growth hacking,
  • Business strategy validation and MVP design approach
  • New market discovery -- such as the case of a startup in a second phase of international expansion.

As long as you’re looking to improve your strategy, our program is a good fit.

Beside digital marketing solutions for your bootstrap, we can also provide guidance on technology solutions. MEDIARS LLC has vast experience in designing and developing proprietary and customized technology solutions.

Yes! This program is tailored for international participants.

The fact that you are away from home, out of your comfort zone, will encourage you to see the world a little differently, be inspired and think outside the box. We include a 36-hour English Business Workshop just for you to hone your crucial English communication skills, along with all of the other workshops.

If you are at the idea stage, it's clear that you take the "Ideation Track". Learn More about our Business Innovation for an optimized version of the Ideation track.

Even if you are simply at the stage where you have an idea, we can help you validate it and translate it into a real business strategy and plan. If after meeting with our experts you decide it’s not the right idea for you, we will work with you and help you find a great alternative business idea that you can build from scratch, using this program and our “Design Thinking” method as a launching pad.

If that’s the case congratulations!
can help you grow it even faster and also help you find opportunities for investor funding if that is something you are seeking. If you have noticed that you aren’t reaching your revenue goals as quickly or need to do a bit more to prepare for an investor pitch, this program is exactly what you need.

If you prefer an optimized program check out our Online 8 weeks Accelerator program.

Yes, we do! We can assist you with every step of finding comfortable and reasonably priced accommodations near our studio loft with convenient transportation access to each event. Feel free to apply today and we will meet with you to discuss this and the other logistics of your stay.

There are several outcomes:

  1. A structured business plan starting with an idea
  2. Understanding of investors’ expectations and requirements
  3. An effective pitch for investors
  4. Execute Digital marketing campaigns
  5. Growth Hacking tests.
  6. Improved English language skills and business English
  7. Boost International network

This isn't a typical "course", we don't teach theories, we create an environment for our participants to do the work they need to do, on:

  • Business plans & business models
  • Financial planning & reports
  • Marketing & Growth Hacking
  • Presentation & design concepts
  • Strategic Persuasion
  • Creating an investor pitch
  • Pitching with Confidence

If you are ready or almost ready for venture capital, our programs may not be for you. Check out our more optimized approach with the Online Accelerator Program. We can help assessing your stage during a call.

We do much more than connecting you with VC opportunities. We want to help both you and your business grow through coaching sessions, and assistance with your strategic thinking. Although this program will put you in touch with venture capital pitch opportunities and help you make connections there, and in some cases we will provide leads for fundraising, we are primarily focused on helping you transition into an effective leader and validating your business idea.



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