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Joel Doerfel

Marketing Director

Joel Doerfel is a Los Angeles based Marketing Director specializing in Conversion Funnels, with experience in Data Science, Business Strategy, and Automation.

Recently, as Marketing Director at Digital Niche Agency in Santa Monica, CA, Joel helped raise $6 million for startup Rayton Solar with an Equity Crowdfunding campaign, while managing several clients' paid social campaigns and spearheading the establishment of the email marketing department.

He has worked as a key adviser with numerous startups developing & licensing business systems (using such tools as Javascript, AWS, SQL, and Salesforce) that have driven the front end of multiple million dollar operations.

Joel received his graduate degree in Philosophy from Duquesne University, and has taught in universities around the United States for over a decade. In his spare time, Joel helps organize the Quantified Self and Consciousness Hacking meetup groups.