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Stefano Mongardi

Digital Entrepreneur

Stefano Mongardi is a digital entrepreneur founder of TheWebMate, one of most successful blog and YouTube channels on online marketing, social media and online monetization. Stefano is also author of several high-selling online marketing courses, including a best-seller course on Instagram.

Over the recent years Stefano helped thousands of marketers, students and influencers successfully monetize their online projects. He has also launched a variety of online businesses with the goal of generating passive, multiple streams of income to free himself of the idea of work as most know it.

He fully believes in the power of the internet to provide an incredible opportunity for young entrepreneurs and people everywhere. With simple the desire to do incredible things, internet access, a smartphone and computer, aspiring businesspeople can create their own high income opportunities and free themselves from the traditional work system.

In a digital, fluid world where things change very quickly, Stefano believes in being adaptable and learning how to recognize both risks and opportunities. He lives in Los Angeles where he continues to build his successful businesses and helps many aspiring digital entrepreneurs accomplish their dreams.