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M Accelerator Hackathon

Let's figure out the Future Together!

Live Sessions with our Coaches

Entrepreneurs are tasked with figuring out the unknown. A crisis also creates the same situation.

This gives us a chance to practice modeling what the future could look like for a specific business model. Let's do it together!

2 weeks program

This is not the usual online [virtual] program

A Multimodal Approach to discover a new point of view.

We do not provide theories, we create an environment for a selected group of people to do the work, online [virtually] or at our space [in-person] in Los Angeles.

Join our interactive sessions, our approach, our hands-on experience, your entrepreneurial spirit, and your creativity.


Chart the Future

Design and Present Your Solution

It is a 2 weeks program, a hackathon if you like, and we are selecting teams that with our guidance will study and model a prediction for a specific business case.

Join an international Network

An Opportunity to Unlock Your Creativity

Connect with your peers, internationally

We welcome every creative entrepreneur and student across cultures and borders. 

We had participants from 30 different countries and very different cultures, and we know that our programs attract one type of people: creatives, open-minded and generous that are ready to roll up their sleeves and work hard to improve themselves and their teams.

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October 2021

Oct 25th - Nov 8th

  • It is a 2-week Intensive program.
  • Synchronous and asynchronous with 3 online meetings.
  • asynchronous on Slack.
  • Reviews and Final Pitch.
  • The winning team will be promoted through our channels.
  • Join the Hackathon with your team!

Announcing Fall 2021 Edition

Scholarships available
Certificates and Recommendation letters for the best teams available.


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Live Sessions, Feedback and Followups

C. Scott Hindell

Scott Hindell is Principal of Hindell Consulting where he specializes in human-centered business model design. His key role is to facilitate, for business and industry, the process of generating, developing, and articulating innovative value strategies.

Recognized as a value innovation specialist, Scott has performed workshops, spoken at conferences and to groups in the United States and abroad, with participants from more than 80 countries. Notable examples of these include Workshops - 25 CEOs and business leaders from the Chinese Productivity Center; and students and professors from several Chinese universities. Conferences - TEDx-UCLA; and California Restaurant Industry Conference. Groups – Ahmedabad Management Association, American Chamber of Commerce Japan; American Institute of Graphic Artists; and American Marketing Association.

Scott has over 30 years of teaching experience, and currently teaches a variety of disciplines for UCLA Extension (since 2001). He also leads the M Accelerator program for entrepreneurs and startups. Prior, he taught 10 years at Los Angeles Community College. The majority of his programs fall under the disciplines of business, management, entrepreneurship, design, and global sustainability.

One of only a few selected instructors, Scott is a Master Teacher in UCLA Extension's Instructor Development Program (since 2005). His key role is the facilitator of Instructor Orientations and the Instructor Round Table provided to over 2,000 instructors. He has also led other core workshops for the award-winning program. Scott is the recipient of the 2018/19 UCLA Extension Distinguished Instructor Award.

Prior, Scott was a portfolio manager for 17 years. As an NASD Principal and Registered Investment Advisor he owned and operated his own firm for the last ten years of that period. Here he managed large equity and fixed income portfolios with a proprietary trading method he developed, which outperformed the S&P 500 9 out of 10 years with a lower beta. He also advised and managed venture capital investments and mergers during this period.

It is Scott’s deep understanding of multiple disciplines and relentless curiosity combined with his unique ability to recognize bias and facilitate objectivity that has distinguished his success in all of his efforts.

Alessandro Marianantoni

Alessandro Marianantoni is Exec. Director and Founder at M Accelerator and MEDIARS LLC in Los Angeles, offering programs to serve the Los Angeles Startup ecosystem providing students, early stage and later stage founders with skills to grow their startups.

He has designed and developed projects in different spaces: entertainment, engineering, architecture and healthcare, receiving public and private funding from a number of organizations including: UCLA, Google, Siemens, Marriott, Universal Studios, Disney, Amazon, Italian Government and the City of Pasadena.

Alessandro earned a degree in Computer Science from the University of L’Aquila, with a thesis on perceptual interfaces at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies and Integrated Media System Center.

Over the years he has run numerous international programs including summer bootcamps and international research initiatives at UCLA and he is now directing M Accelerator and MEDIARS LLC.

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