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M Accelerator Entrepreneurship framework

Startup and Digital Marketing Course

This Summer Our Coaches go to Malta

Startup, Innovation, and Digital Marketing

to acquire skills and mindset
while transforming your idea into a business

Global Network: Gain access to a network of 250+ businesses and mentors.

Student Success: Stay motivated during the program with our approach.

Future Support: Access free professional resources after the program.


Boost your Skills

with 2 new modules:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Marketing 
  • Build with No-Code and Automation

M Accelerator

corso startup e digital marketing con alcuni dei ragazzi vincitori del bando torno subito

Over the past 5 years, we have worked with over 400 participants from 30 countries, 15 institutional partners, various languages, cultures, and accents.

Founders have raised over $20M in investments from investors such as Richard Branson, Tim Draper, and Plug and Play.

We have worked with many bright young individuals who have received prestigious recognition such as Forbes 30 Under 30, CES Innovation Awards, and other awards from the United Nations. We have also worked with Olympic champions, nationally recognized influencers, and founders of companies ranging from one to hundreds of employees.

We knew from the start who we wanted to work with.

We work with teams and students inspired by big ideas, and young and enthusiastic individuals eager to learn something new.

Our students, like ourselves, are creative individuals, ready to explore uncertainty and venture outside their comfort zones.




MEDIARS believes in inclusion, multiculturalism, entrepreneurial spirit, commitment, and growth through experiences.

If you are considering embarking on a growth journey, if you feel it's time to challenge yourself and expand your boundaries, this is the course for you.

Our high-level training program is not for everyone. We will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and see things from a different perspective.

At the bottom of this page, in the FAQ section, we have gathered some answers that we have sent via email over the years.




The Accelerator bridges the gap between education and the job market and entrepreneurship.

The course guides participants in validating their collective and individual startup projects, even after the program, for the creation of social businesses or self-employment.

For other participants, the program provides the necessary skills and mindset to gain a competitive edge in the innovation sector.

M Accelerator participants hold exciting positions at companies promoting innovation such as Salesforce, IBM, Google, Facebook, Unilever, Novartis, and many others.

"The M Accelerator Course taught me how to structure projects and bring them to fruition in a practical way."

Andrea Ianneo, Marketing Manager at Novartis
MA 2017

"Before this course, I didn't know how to apply what I learned from books to practical situations. Now, I have the knowledge and more confidence in my abilities.

Andrea Di Petrillo,
Head of Advertising, Secret Key Web Agency
MA 2018

"Entrepreneurship is encouraged, investors are willing to help young entrepreneurs, they take more risks, they do not judge people from the age".
Melissa Kariuki, Prod. Manager at Google
MA 2019

"My group was special! Additionally, the public speaking workshops helped me to improve my skills.”.

Francesca Romana, Senior UX/UI Designer, Tangity
MA 2018

"During the course, I took the challenge, I focused on the business idea, and when I returned to Rome I realized that our project was a step ahead of the others."
Francesco Simeone CEO Tora Tora Travel
MA 2017

"The Turning Point: Designing Your Business. There was a moment that for me represented a turning point, an important awareness."

Marco Casciani, Copywriter &
Social Media Manager, freelancer

MA 2020

"We've been blown away by the level of support during the MA Startup Program. Your method, style, and advice are really wonderful - thanks for doing what you do! We're super excited to be partnering with you as we move forward with this next phase :)".
Abi Hannah, CEO of Fertility Circle
MA 2021

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In today's increasingly globalized world, many choose to live, work, and study abroad (even if it's for a few months).

This trend appears to be a good thing: social science research shows that international experiences enhance creativity, reduce intergroup biases, and promote successful careers.

The source: Harward Business Review

How Living Abroad Helps You Develop a Clearer Sense of Self

Strategic Focus and Mindset to gain more confidence in one's decisions

An innovative approach that develops self-confidence for personal and professional growth. The learning experience is typically hands-on, in an international environment.

What skills should be developed to best enter the job market?

A full-immersion experience to develop: Creativity, Persuasion, Collaboration, Learning/Adaptability, and Emotional Intelligence, identified by BusinessInsider as the top skills required by today's employers.

No startups? Where do our participants work today?

"The experience with M Accelerator was pivotal and has impressed recruiters."

"LEARN BY DOING" to acquire Skills and Mindset

A new era for the education is approaching,
and we're right at the center of it.

 Entrepreneurship Abroad Program

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Your journey starts here!

Ou Partners

$1,000,000 in credits to our participants.

Here are some of the partners and their offers:

  • Business Law Mentorship
  • No-code development platform
  • Cloud Service Providers
  • Tech Services
  • Customer Support
  • CRM and Metrics Tracking
  • Investment and Grants Tools
  • Productivity Tools
  • Growth Hacking Tools
  • Digital Marketing Tools
  • Marketing Automation Tools
  • Stock photos/videos providers
  • Travel, Immigration / Visa

Some examples:

$120,000 (up to) in credits for IBM Cloud services
$50,000 in credits for Segment (analytics) + other partners
$20,000 transaction-free with Stripe (Sales) + Atlas (corp.)
$5,000 in AWS Cloud Services Credits (renewable)
$1,000 Miro
$1,000 Digital Ocean
3 Months free MeetAlfred 
Mentoring Sessions with O'Melveny

Deals for M Accelerator Community Members

3 Courses in 1

An M Accelerator course with three specializations: Startup, Digital Marketing, and English (if requested): workshops, classes, mentors, spaces, accommodations, and networking events.



Digital Marketing

The best strategies and tactics from international experts:

Business English

36 Hours for ESL students
English Full-Immersion
Pitch coaching
Only if requested

corso startup e digital marketing con alcuni dei ragazzi vincitori del bando torno subito
Eventi al Corso Startup e Digital Marketing
Melissa Kariuki, testimonial at M Accelerator

Melissa Kariuki

Founder at Whip Music Africa
Product Manager at Google
MA Startup 2019
After this startup program, I have a lot more clarity in which direction we should take, which tools we can use, and how we can go about it. -- Distributing your value proposition in a way that is economical. That was something new for me. So often, we tend to design solutions that outcompete your competitors in all aspects instead of focusing on the factor that has the most impact.
Expanding in the US market for us isn't just localization. It is a second startup stage. M Accelerator Startup program is really good for Global Entrepreneurs.
Shuta Shibuya testimonial, US go to market

Shuta Shibuya

Founder at Fuller
Forbes 30u30
MA Startup2019
I entered the startup program as a Biologist and I became a startup founder. Now I deal with business and innovation in a Pharmaceutical company.
Andrea Ianneo, Testimonial M Accelerator

Andrea Ianneo

Marketing Manager at Novartis
MA Entrepreneurship 2017
Abi Hannah CEO at Fertility Circle

Abi Hannah

CEO at Fertility Circle
Raised $800k
MA Startup 2021
Just wanted to say a big thanks again from all of us at the FC team. We've been blown away by the level of support during the MA Startup Program. Your method, style, and advice are really wonderful - thanks for doing what you do! We're super excited to be partnering with you as we move forward with this next phase :)
Ellen Deng, Founder, Vinofy

Ellen Deng

Founder at Vinofy
MA Startup2019
M Accelerator is a great starting point for anyone who is considering taking the leap to start a company. It provides mentorship, support from the community, and networking opportunities. And the support doesn't stop when the startup program ends. They are always there to support the founders through their journey.
Jemal Meredova co-founder at Pinchef

Jemal Meredova

Co-Founder at PinChef
US Incorporation
MA Startup 2021
M Accelerator has helped a lot in making a pitch deck from scratch by helping show the problem from various angles. Sessions vary from different topics such as marketing, presentation, speech which syncs into the pitch creation. In addition, one-on-one sessions help to ask any questions or help you need. Thank you.
Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey

CEO at FanView
MA Startup2021
This has been a wonderful course, I really got an amazing value out of it. Now that went through the startup program it's really good to have still 4 months to revise everything in a very cohesive pitch before the pitch day.
Seonggon Kim Business Director at KLleon

Seonggon Kim

Business Director at KLleon
2 Innovation Awards at CES
MA Startup 2021
Your session was really really helpful for us, especially because we are preparing for CES we need to deploy these strategies. Thank you.
Guanhao Wu CEO at Exovolar

Guanhao Wu

CEO Exovolar
MA Startup 2021
I've learned so much from this startup program, and I had no idea. I knew that coming here, I would have learned a lot, but not so much!

Francesco Simeone

CEO at Tora Tora Travel
MA Startup 2018
During the startup program, I decided to put myself out there and share my ideas with more experienced people. Fast-forward today, I have a business with 12 employees.
$1,000,000 in Credits from our Partners

Business Communication English (For ESL)

36 hours

As an option for our international participants, our English Business Workshop will focus on learning outcomes that cover the following areas:

  • Language functions for discussions, presentations, and short monologues to learn about the dynamic delivery of ideas.

  • Fluency in listening, reading, and speaking in English 3 areas that are specifically useful in the business context.
  • C'e' sempre margine per migliorare il proprio inglese, soprattutto in contesti di lavoro specifici.
  • Un livello di inglese intermedio e' sufficiente per partecipare al nostro programma (completamente in inglese).
  • Se non hai bisogno di questo modulo, possiamo customizzare il tuo programma.

MEDIARS Global Connector

Participants from 30 countries.

MEDIARS funded M Accelerator in 2016, leveraging on a large network built over 20 years of work and projects.

MEDIARS has 15 international partners including public and private institutions and many local businesses and organizations that promote entrepreneurship, creativity, culture, and education.

MEDIARS in Los Angeles (www.mediars.la) is also a multimodal design studio that creates meaningful and engaging experiences worldwide, often creating and deploying cutting-edge technology.

Our work appears on screens, architecture, themed destinations, and stages. 

We have created solutions and partnerships around the globe for/with/at: Google, EXPO 2015, Italian Government, Universal Studios, Dell, Disney Resorts, and Siemens, including museum institutions like Getty Museum, Getty Villa, LACMA, Norton Simon Museum, Hammer Museum, Royal Academy of Arts in London, Palazzo Ducale in Genova.



Summer Session


Summer Session: June, July, and August 




The program is conducted entirely in English. Therefore, we suggest having at least an intermediate level of English language knowledge.

Many people have good ideas, but few have the knowledge or ability to turn an idea into a business.

When starting a business, you always need to ask yourself if the idea is competitive, if it will be appreciated by consumers, and how it can be executed.

Our course teaches you to do this with a strategic focus on the key aspect of being an entrepreneur: ensuring that the product you create satisfies both the needs of consumers and the goals of the business.
Moreover, we have invited mentors and teachers who work with businesses and startups on a daily basis to clarify the complex and chaotic startup ecosystem.
The coaches of M Accelerator are carefully selected to provide the highest level of training.

At M Accelerator, we believe in a hands-on approach to education, where participants can learn by doing.

Our program focuses on developing creative and entrepreneurial skills, as opposed to simply imparting theoretical knowledge.

This is a key difference compared to traditional Master's programs in business management.

Our program is designed by experienced coaches and professionals, all with at least 10 years of experience in university education. While Master's programs from recognized universities, such as Ivy League schools, offer valuable credentials, we believe that a practical and immersive approach to entrepreneurship education is even more valuable for young people who are seeking independence, exploration, and a fulfilling career.

During the program, participants do not need to have a prior idea. In the initial phase, we may organize teams and guide participants in choosing a problem to work on. What we require is that participants develop a project and work on it for the duration of the program.

In the context of the training program, the course outcomes are:

  • Gain more self-confidence, it's an aspect that we find in all our students.
  • Structure a business concept starting from an idea.
  • Be able to evaluate which are the most effective communication elements to include in the Pitch and present it.
  • In the midst of so much chaos, understand what are the requirements sought by investors and partners.
  • Create and manage a landing page with WordPress autonomously.
  • Improve business English knowledge (for ESL).
  • Social and cultural enrichment in an international environment.
  • Make yourself noticed in an international environment.

From a study conducted in LA, participating in training courses within accelerators/incubators enhances the following aspects:

  • The ability to fundraise
  • The ability to work in a team
  • The ability to develop a professional network both inside and outside the course
  • The entrepreneurial mindset / problem solving

The program is structured in a way to acquire the maximum full-immersion learning experience, specifically:

  • Acquire the tools that allowed you to structure a business starting from your idea,
  • Create a landing page with WordPress,
  • Create automations for Digital Marketing,
  • Create a business presentation,
  • Improve presentation techniques and be more convincing in public speaking,
  • Improve English communication from a cross-cultural perspective,
  • Be able to make strategic business and marketing decisions,
  • Be able to clearly identify the steps to take to turn an idea into a business.

With over 10 years of experience in organizing international programs, for many of our participants it's their first time. A cultural orientation meeting is scheduled for the participants. We will also send you our Departure Guide.

There are many types of investors, but none that we know of invests in a project at its earliest stage of an idea.

What we offer is a path to structure your idea into a business strategy. We can work together even if you already have a startup or spin-off and want to improve your strategy in your country or create a new global strategy. We can also work together in the validation of your idea, a new product, or service.

The course takes place in Malta with coaches from M Accelerator in Los Angeles.

There are several reasons why an abroad experience in an English-speaking country can be an excellent way to improve English as a second language:

  • Language immersion: Being in an English-speaking country allows you to immerse yourself in the language, which can help you learn and improve English more quickly.
  • Practice speaking with native speakers: An abroad experience gives you the opportunity to practice speaking English with native speakers, which can help you develop your conversation skills and become more confident in using the language.
  • Learn about culture: An abroad experience also allows you to learn about the culture of the country you're visiting, which can help you better understand the language and use it in a more natural way.
  • Meet new people: An abroad experience can also be a great way to meet new people and make new friends, which can be a fun and rewarding experience.
  • Personal growth: An abroad experience can also be a great opportunity for personal growth and development, as it challenges you out of your comfort zone and makes you try new things.

Digital marketing tools are constantly evolving. The value of work, whether as a freelancer, consultant, or specialist within an agency, is evaluated based on the ability to keep up, improve, recognize client problems, and find smart solutions.

If we consider the distribution of the workforce, jobs based on skills (this category also includes the digital marketing expert) make up about 25% and are jobs that are often in high demand.

This type of work tends to become repetitive and, after a first phase, can be performed by operators with a lower-quality of skills. Just think of offshore agencies. In the coming years, given the evolution of Artificial Intelligence, these operators will have to readapt to new tasks.

We aim to train young people who aspire to a more creative job, which is difficult to be replaced by automatism or lower skills level workers. This workforce is referred to as "super-creatives."

The young people we target are the "super-creatives," meaning, all those who will work in strategy, and design, who will integrate skills with innovation, and who are able to identify problems and find solutions. This group of workers has typically a higher purchasing power salary.

This is a 12 weeks program with 288 hours.
Top instructors, consultants, and coaches from California
Networking events, Summer Events in Malta, final presentation.

Regular tuition Fees: $7,000 USD 

$6,000 without Business English for ESL
Scholarships are available.


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