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Startup Program

August 5-31, 2019

4 Weeks Startup Program in Los Angeles

Limited availability.
Alice TomassiniMarketing & Media, Forbes 30under30 Europe 2018
The experience in Los Angeles was definitely life changing. I've learned the values of teamwork and also it opened a new world of possibilities for storytelling and technology. Above all it taught me to face always new challenges. Thank you!



m accelerator — an innovative program in Los Angeles develops and boosts entrepreneurship in young talent. We have a dedicated workspace in LA, the third largest and fastest growing tech ecosystem in the US. Throughout this 4-week intensive program, you’ll visualize, explore, discover, and expand your potential as a startup founder.

m accelerator offers a highly effective environment with interactive, hands-on learning by business experts, practitioners and teachers from the top American universities. A solid opportunity to extend your professional network with: successful entrepreneurs, investors and other experts.

Business Startup

Shape, test and structure your idea. Gain knowledge in each aspect of starting a new business.

  • From Idea to Business
  • Team Creation
  • Business and Marketing Plan
  • Financial Statements
  • Funding Strategies


Learn how to communicate effectively and market your project to investors

  • I requisiti di una presentazione
  • Successful Pitch for Investors
  • Visual Design
  • Pitch Deck

Marketing Skills & Tools

Get hands-on, practical experience implementing ideas, and developing & promoting your startup.

  • Growth Hacking
  • Landing Page
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Public Speaking

Business English

Internationals ESL can improve American Business English language skills. Program 100% in English

  • Pre-arrival Test
  • Pre-arrival Online Program
  • Conversation and Pronunciation
  • Writing
  • Vocabulary and Grammar
  • Business English


M Accelerator’s program focus involves a range of inventive projects that are changing our world. Industry 4.0: IoT — Cyber-Physical Systems — Computing Smart building Technologies: Control systems, Automation Arts — Entertainment — Culture — Media Production — Initial Coin Offering ICO — Blockchain — Digital Marketing Automation — Artificial Intelligence


With more than 2,300 startups in Los Angeles, it’s a thriving tech hub of entrepreneurs, founders, and seed investors. M Accelerator participants have incredible opportunities to grow their professional networks, forming key relationships throughout our program — absolutely one of its top benefits!


64 hours in 4 weeks + individual coaching

Get Ready for a journey of innovation, abundance, and self-discovery!

You’ll receive a comprehensive pre-arrival package full of valuable resources and great gifts, compliments of our partners. This superb pack will inspire confidence in preparing for your magnificent experience with M Accelerator in LA. We want you to start receiving the support you need to grow and develop as soon your session’s confirmed.

Your pre-arrival package aims to make your experience as smooth as possible before you embark on your entrepreneurial journey. Some of the resources included will serve you throughout the program — others, you can start using right away, like Netflix membership and much more. Contact US for more pre-arrival info.

We’ll invite you to attend our webminars where you’ll be introduced to our team in Los Angeles. You’ll learn about getting around in LA, accommodation options, the best local amenities and attractions, culture, and entertainment. Your experience starts here!

If you’d benefit from English language skills training, your English course starts at home.

Our introductory session is all about welcoming participants to the LA Startup Community. M Accelerator’s program orientation is designed to guide and support new students by answering all their program-related questions —  as well as helping students settle into life in Los Angeles.

This welcome session provides an opportunity to meet peers and teachers. You’ll get an overview on classes, services, policies, and benefits offered throughout the entire program —  to help you make the most of your 4-week accelerator experience.

International Students (ESL) have the opportunity to improve their knowledge of Business English.

Assessment & Feedback
Pre-test​ - to understand the participants’ general communication ability in English and inform learning design
Ongoing assessments and feedback​ - conducted in sprints throughout the program in connection with tasks that the participants fulfill in the accelerator program
Final assessment​ - to evaluate the application of skills learned during the course integrated with final projects.

The course will focus on learning outcomes to cover the following areas:

  • Language functions​ for discussions, presentations, and short monologues for dynamic delivery of
  • Fluency​ in listening, reading, and speaking in English that are specifically useful in the business
  • Communication strategies​ & soft-skills ​for building trust, presenting ideas, summarizing,
    participating in discussions, managing Q&A, etc. to establish credibility and clarity in communication
  • Cross-cultural elements​ of the American business and social culture to understand how to target
    communication to the audience

The Entrepreneur Series offers a tremendous opportunity to discover the secrets of successful entrepreneurs — those who are changing our world. From tech entrepreneurs to manufacturing entrepreneurs, our speakers share valuable leadership insights with students. They reveal the workings of how they build companies, inspire teams, envision change, and overcome tough challenges. The Entrepreneur Series by M Accelerator follows a Q&A format with actionable advice on your startup idea or business model.

The key to reducing risks and increasing your opportunities for business success, is to develop a business model that delivers unique value.

This topic teaches participants how to develop a business model with a strategy that supports measurable growth, even in intensely competitive industries. Topics include competitive analysis, creating and defining a unique selling proposition (USP), identifying ideal customers, and honing a strategy. Real-world situations are used, and students are shown examples of application.

The Digital Marketing Course teaches the techniques, tools, and practical steps for identifying keywords, and integrating social media within business marketing plans. Lessons demonstrate how efficient marketing strategies can be executed using AdWords and Facebook.
A series of case studies is presented detailing effective, profitable advertising campaigns to walk students through “tried and tested” success methods.

During this program you will participate at hands on workshops on growth hacking techniques very useful for startup founders on the following topics: market discovery, leads generation, how to collect hundreds of responses for your questionnaires, setup digital marketing campaigns with retargeting and custom audiences, how to validate your idea online.

Bring your own laptop during the workshops!

A great idea is only as good as the way it’s communicated. Thousands of startups in LA attract investment opportunities by presenting a winning pitch. Knowing the right way to pitch   investors can mean the difference between the success or failure of your business. This workshop teaches students how to take a startup or startup idea to the next level. Taught by a national pitch competition winner, it provides practical and valuable information any entrepreneur can use to create an effective pitch for business investors.    

This quick and intensive workshop shows you how to build presentations that really engage. Powerful ways of integrating Storytelling and Graphic Design are applied during this course to help you design compelling presentations for your startup.

Students are given stunning examples, layouts, templates, and design ideas for their presentations.

In this workshop students learn how to develop visually pleasing websites with a focus on design considerations that emphasize the user experience. Students setup simple but effective landing pages used for testing a business or product idea. During this course, you’ll create the first version of a landing page for your project using WordPress CMS.

Topics include: themes research and installation, layout customization, plugins, A/B testing, calls to action, and search engine optimization for WordPress.

This class is a combination of practical workshops, and presentations of case studies from different fields. Through a series of real projects from different industry sectors—the goal is to understand multiple factors that influence transformation of an idea into a physical or digital project. Case studies include real ideas that became successful products or services, and others that failed. You’ll explore their differences as well as their paths to success or failure.

Topics include:

  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Planning, & Scheduling
  • User Personas for your MVP
  • Product Market Fit
  • Mockups
  • Productivity tools

This interactive course stimulates students to brainstorm common mistakes, as well as how to find tech co-founders.


The course takes place from the 5h to the 31st of  August 2019

Full immersion Program in our Co-Working space. Lessons and workshops will be held 4 days a week from 10 am to 1 pm.
Project Work, lab hours, other workshops and mentoring in the afternoon. Participants can use the co-working spaces to study and prepare the projects from 10 am to 5 pm.

Early bird expires  Jan 31st  >> $3,000 USD <<<

The offer includes:

  • Pre-arrival support
  • 4 weeks of Startup School
  • Travel/Health Insurance (only for international travelers)
  • Entrance for business networking events
  • Air travel NOT included

If you are traveling and you need accommodation request an offer that includes the room!

  • 1,500 USD upon confirmation of the booking after having successfully passed the selection interview
  • the remaining before the beginning of the program
Participants in our course do not need to have an idea before starting.
During the program we will create teams. What we require is that the participants want to develop a project and work on it for the duration of the course.

Course outcomes:

  • Structuring a business plan starting from an idea
  • Effective Pitch (Investor or Sales)
  • In the midst of so much chaos, really understand what are the requirements sought by investors
  • Create and manage a website with wordpress
  • Improve the knowledge of the Business Communication English (for ESL)
  • Social and cultural enrichment in an international environment
  • Get noticed in an international environment
  • The ability to find financing
  • The ability to work in a team
  • The ability to develop a professional network outside and inside the course
  • The entrepreneurial mindset

Concretely, what practical skills are acquired with this course?

  • Make a business plan
  • Create a website with Wordpress
  • Create a power point presentation
  • Improve presentation techniques
  • Structuring a pitch

MEDIARS is part of some networks that allow the financing of the course through public tenders. Contact to us to read more apply@maccelerator.la

With over 10 years experience in organizing international exchange programs, many of our participants come to the US for the first time. Before departure, you can take part in a series of meetings and webinars to prepare yourself for the experience. We will also send you our Guide to Departure.