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All small business founders know that hiring the first round of employees is one of the most critical parts of the startup process. But what if you included an artificial intelligence in your hiring process? Now, AI is nowhere near the level it needs to be to accurately replicate a human employee, but they are
New technology is being developed at an ever-increasing breakneck pace, and it can seem nearly impossible to keep up with the latest trends and releases. As a business owner, you understand that maintaining a competitive edge requires new ideas and innovation which includes integrating new tech into your processes. Thankfully, there is one new field
Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are blowing up in the business and financial worlds, and they seem to be the next step in the evolution of online shopping. While many customers seem to be calling out for more retailers to accept the digital currency, others predict nothing but doom for the modern technology. But what
If there’s one place that can’t get out of the headlines, it is Silicon Valley. The birthplace of many technology giants like eBay, Apple, and Adobe, and a new startup seemingly every day, it is hard to ignore as a hotbed for entrepreneurial activity. But Silicon Valley is not the only place to found a


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