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As any experienced investor knows, market volatility is a normal part of the investment landscape. However, recent years have seen unprecedented market volatility, with sharp swings in both directions. This has profoundly impacted venture capitalists, who are now more cautious than ever before.

2022 GBSA Global Demo Day

It was successfully held on November 15th the GBSA Online Global Demo Day, hosted by one of the largest accelerators in South Korea, GBSA Gyeonggi Business & Science Accelerator, SCG Social Consulting Group, and M Accelerator.

LLC or Corporation?

Founders must make important decisions about their business early on that can have major impacts on its future. Among the first decisions that founders must make is deciding on the legal structure for their startup. Two of the most popular choices are LLC and corporation.
By following these simple guidelines, companies and startups can increase their chances of making a successful pitch.