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Startup Investment Dilution

Equity Dilution in Startups

03 May 2021 By m-accelerator in fundraising

International Youth Business Model Competition

15 April 2021 By m-accelerator in News
education skills

Skills for education

09 April 2021 By m-accelerator in Entrepreneurship
incorporating a startup

Incorporating a startup in the US

01 April 2021 By m-accelerator in Startups

What is DeFi?

25 March 2021 By m-accelerator in blockchain
Startup Investment Dilution
What long-term implications have the equity dilutions? Which are the factors an early-stage founder should take under consideration every time a startup undergoes a fundraising round?

AlberoAir (by Dirac Nanontechnology)

Who and Why AlberoAir is brought to market by Dirac Nanotechnology, an innnovative tech startup that specializes in air purification. Our vision is to restore clean air in our living communities. The Problem Air quality is an issue that needs attention now more than ever. Problems linked to pollution such as respiratory disease cause about


The Problem It takes, on average, 500 hours to navigate the logistics of funeral planning and estates after a death.  A last will and testament has maintained the same format since its inception in 640 BC- a piece of paper signed in front of witnesses or a notary. Meanwhile in America you can sign almost
Introduction Cycloop is a platform for R&D of green products that matter. Our product solves the tension between quality and price which markets have failed to consider. We do so by reestablishing responsible production and consumption for supply chains. Our first target is the supply chain of fashion. The Problem The quality/ price paradigm has


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