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The Problem In the case of small and medium businesses, Today, 70 million people work in small and medium sized businesses in the United States. Every day small and medium business, SMBs, have to operate with numerous applications, like Chats, Tasks, Calendar, Apps for Calls and keeping files. The problem is that all those tools
The Problem Couples too often will put aside their date nights and ignore quality time together. As they do their tensions can grow and their relationship can decline. They stop engaging in the activities, i.e dates, that initially sparked their relationship. This story is applicable to millions of couples.  The national marriage project, a study

Transformative Sales Modeling Hackathon

How can we build trust and provide value for buyers before a purchase begins? How can we provide education and adapt our process to each buyer's unique needs? How can we shift the focus from the product to the customer?
Pitch Day M Accelerator
M Accelerator Pitch Day and Talks is a one-day online event for founders and investors. Join us on October 20th!